There are a number of different types of content that can work well within a membership site. The content will depend on your niche, and on the type of membership site you are creating.

Niche-Related Content

The most important way to succeed as an online marketer and business owner is to concentrate on a specific niche or topic and offer content related to it that you know your target audience really needs. If you have been running a website or blog for some time, you should have a clear idea of what really resonates with your audience.

Good business sense should also tell you that you can’t keep giving away good content for free and expecting to make money. A membership site with your best content and insider secrets, therefore, will attract and keep members eager to get the kind of content and gain access to the kind of expertise they really need.

Education versus Business Content

Some membership sites offer in-depth information to help members gain the skills they need to succeed. In other cases, the membership offers members help in running their business. The site might even help them to earn money.

In terms of education, people can always use insider information in relation to their niche. Think about the kind of information you wish you had had when you were first starting out in your niche, then offer content related to the problems you faced. Help ease the steepness of the learning curve with helpful hints and tips.

In terms of running a business, offering case studies, resources, checklists, a Rolodex of contacts, tools that help people in your niche succeed, and so on, can all help business owners in your niche succeed without having to do everything the hard way from scratch.

If you are offering a service-type membership site, such as a private label rights (PLR) site, each month you would provide them with content they could use to keep their website or blog ticking over. In some cases, they might even be able to sell the items you provide to their own target audience so they could keep 100% of the profits. Making it easy to run their business and earn income is a sure-fire way to keep them coming back for more.

What Kind of Content Should You Include?

The short answer is the kinds of content that suit:

  1. You as a writer/content creator/business owner
  2. Your customers
  • Written content – Articles, reports, emails and other written forms of content are usually the backbone of most successful websites, blogs and membership sites. Also include lists, top 10s, frequently asked questions, and other items of use to your target audience.
  • Spoken content – Not everyone is a great writer, but we can all speak. Record MP3s and videos, post transcripts, get people to interview you, and so on. Create audiobooks as well if you wish, and guided meditations and other audio materials that your target audience can listen to which are suited to your niche.
  • Visual content – A picture is worth a thousand words, so always include high-quality images that support your content. Since 70% of people are visual learners (and you might not be a great writer), also use video to get your ideas across.
The Type of Content That Attracts and Keeps Members
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