Content is an essential part of affiliate marketing success, you will never really make any real money as an affiliate unless you provide content associated with the products or services you are trying to market and sell.

Content provides context for your affiliate links. If you’ve ever seen a further reading section on an article or blog post, chances are the person is trying to earn an affiliate income by linking over to books that will have more information about the same topic that they’ve been discussing in the article. This makes the link seem less spammy and much more helpful. It’s a natural fit if you follow.

Choosing the Right Niche

There are many affiliate marketing programs available for almost every niche you can think of. For example, imagine you are a pet lover. Pet supplies are a $67 billion industry in the US alone each year. What would your life be like if you could just get even one fraction of that sort of market?

Creating the Right Content

The best way to accomplish this is to provide pet-related content which can then link over to products or services you wish to sell as an affiliate marketer. Start out by brainstorming the kinds of things that people in your niche need, and need to replace often. Pets is a huge niche, you might therefore to narrow it down to dogs only. Your list might look something like this:

  1. Wet food
  2. Dry food
  3. Healthy treats
  4. Shampoo
  5. Grooming aids
  6. Leashes
  7. Collars
  8. Winter coats

The first four items on the list are ones dog owners need to buy regularly and can’t live without. This is your chance to tap into a steady stream of income, one that is pretty much guaranteed as long as you can get a small percentage of it.

Find great pet related affiliate programs and create content related to the items you wish to sell. You could write about the pros and cons of wet versus dry foods, whether or not Limited Ingredient Diet formulas are worth the extra money per can, and more.

Tapping into Free Content

Some affiliate programs will give you free content to use at your own site, such as articles and emails to help you market their products. Each affiliate product you choose should also have a professional-looking landing page. The content of the sales letter will also help your profits.

When looking at the details of each program, see what support they give their affiliates. For example, the ClickBank product Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer: Video Membership From Top Dog Trainer offers a “Packed Affiliate Program + Loads [of] Free Videos”. These both sound like exactly the kind of free content that can help you make sales.

The price of the product will also make it a worthwhile one to sell: $69.32. The commission is 66% and there is also a rebill feature, that is, a monthly membership of $99 with a 70% commission. This means you could earn $45 for the initial sale, and $69 monthly. And all you have to do is post interesting content at your website and in your email marketing.

The Pre-Sell Page

If the sales letter isn’t very good, create additional content to help make the sale in the form of the pre-sell page. This might be an article, review, testimonial or other information to get people excited enough to want to buy by clicking over to the sales letter page.

Position Yourself as an Expert

If you’re a dog owner, position yourself as an expert with helpful content such as:

  • Fact sheets
  • Tips sheets
  • Checklists
  • FAQs
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Infographics

Think of everything you learned when you first had a dog, or needed to train one. Imagine how valuable that information and your product recommendations could be to your target audience.

You can sell well as an affiliate marketer, but remember: your success in selling will always start with great content.

The Role Content Plays in Affiliate Marketing Success
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