Content intelligence is concerned with the data that content produces, for example, clicks, views, responses and so forth. To analyze how well the content that you’re promoting is working, you’ll need to look at your numbers thoroughly.

As you study the numbers you’ll discover a lot of information about what other types of content you should publish, why you should publish it, and how it impacts your audience. Let’s look at the various types of data that you can analyze and how it can impact your content marketing.

Understand Content Performance Results

Even if you pride yourself on creating a lot of evergreen content, sometimes content stops performing. You can use the data you read to determine whether you can update and improve the content, or if it just needs to be removed from your website. When removing content from your blog or website, ensure that you have an effective 404 error page set up to help redirect readers to new content.

Get Deep into Content Interaction

Study the responses to your content. For example, what are people saying across social networks about the content you’ve shared? Look deep into the comments to discover if something is missing about the content, or if you get clues about something new to add.

The Effectiveness of Content Traffic

All traffic is not good traffic. You want to bring traffic to your online real estate that consists of your target audience. If there is content on your site that is bringing people to your site who aren’t members of your audience and don’t need what you’re selling, you might need to rethink that piece of content. Studying user intent helps get your content back on track.

Results of User Interactions

How are your users interacting with your content and perhaps each other? The way to tell this is to look at the conversations that result from any of the content you share. This can give you valuable information about the types of content that you should produce.

Helps You Improve the System

Content is not something you do once and are finished with. When you create any type of content, you may need to update it or you may need to get rid of it eventually. But, all the content you create builds upon existing content. You can improve your content creation system if you are paying close attention to the results of the content you publish.

Assists with Content Structure

Automation helps tremendously with personalization of content, tagging of content, and inserting other types of metadata that will help you follow your content to find out how well it’s working.

Get More Insight

As you get more insight into your content effectiveness, you’ll be able to put that insight to use. You can make better decisions about the content you’ll publish and how it all works together to get the results you desire.

As you begin to understand more about content intelligence, you’ll realize that you can analyze and interpret content by asking questions, mining the content for data, putting that data together, and making the most of all the content that you publish, so that everything just gets better and better including the impact on sales and brand awareness.

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The Content Intelligence Assessment You Should Do
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