In order to do content marketing successfully, you need to create a great deal of content. This can seem overwhelming at first, how do you get it all done? Content marketers do it by creating an editorial calendar to follow. An editorial calendar helps you stay on target. Following your calendar, you know when your content needs to be published and you can create and publish it in an organized fashion.

Set Realistic Content Creation Goals

An important element in creating an editorial calendar is to make sure it’s realistic. You shouldn’t set a goal of blogging three times a week if you can’t keep up with it. If your schedule is unrealistic, you’ll get bogged down and stressed, and the quality of your content will suffer and you’ll give up before you have got started.

You can create a realistic schedule by doing a trial run. Decide how much you’d like to publish and try it for a set period of time such as four weeks. You’ll gain an understanding of how much is too much, or whether or not you can do more.

Measure Your Content Marketing Results

You can alter your editorial calendar by looking at results. If you find that certain types of content (for example, Facebook posts or videos) are getting more engagement, you can add more of them to your calendar. On the other hand, if you find that your articles aren’t drawing traffic or gaining readers, you may choose to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Your Content Creation Schedule

There are two ways to go about creating your content. You can spend some time daily producing it, or set aside a block of time each week or so to create the week’s content. If you’re not sure which approach is best for you, try them both for a set period of time.

In content creation, as in all things, nothing gets done without a clear plan and a workable schedule. Your editorial calendar is an important part of your content marketing campaign and I have found that it’s the key to creating content on a long term basis.

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The Art of Prolific Content Creation, Creating an Editorial Calendar
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