If you want to start performing a webcast every week, you’ll need to come up with ideas that keep your audience engaged. It’s not as hard as you think to come up with ideas. You can repeat these ideas on a regular basis so that your audience is always dialed in and interested.

1. Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes to know what you’re doing when you’re not doing your business. If you’re a food blogger, you could do a behind the scenes of how long it takes you to set up a shot, or about the mistakes you’ve made, or how you come up with an idea or shop for food.

2. A Day in the Life

If you’re a life coach you might want to show your audiences how you live and do a webcast from a vacation point, or while you’re on the road instead of from your well-decorated office. Show up in jammies, a swim suit, or other attire based on where you happen to be at the moment. Show off where you are.

3. How I Do That

Most people love to know how to do things, and even if you’re afraid that they’ll then do it all themselves rather than hire you, don’t worry. That won’t happen. Show them how you do things, and they’ll trust you even more to do it for them if that’s your service. But, more people will watch because it’s valuable and useful to learn how to do things.

4. Interviews

People also love learning about other people who are in the niche themselves. Whether they’re movers or shakers or newbies starting out, interviewing them for your webcast will be interesting for your viewers and for you.

5. Q & A Session

You likely get asked a lot of questions, so you can have a whole hour of Q & A where you answer questions off the cuff. You can collect the questions in advance or you can let them ask during the event if you have someone to help capture the questions for you.

6. Live Events

If you have a cool life event happening that you think your audience will be interested in, why not stream it live for your audience? A graduation, an award, a speaking engagement… are all good fodder for a webcast.

7. Rants

Did something happen in your niche that you really need to discuss and rant about? If you have the right audience in the right niche, this may be one of your most watched webcasts, especially on replay.

8. Case Study

Did you or your solution help someone with something important? You can bring them on to discuss their situation and case. Go over it as you would a written case study so you don’t miss an aspect that made them successful.

9. Get a Co-Host

You can ask different people to co-host based on your topic for the week. Usually it’s good to bring in an expert on the topic to help you present the facts for that webinar. It makes the webcast more fun to have more people, and the discussion will be interesting to the audience members.

10. Hot Seat Day

If you’re a coach, web designer, someone who helps writers, or other teaching/helping niche, you can put someone on the hot seat and analyze and advise them live during the webcast. This is a great way to show what you know, but you need to choose your subjects carefully because not everyone can handle this type of event.

Hopefully these ideas work for you. You can do so many different things with a webcast. The fact that you can share slides, share what’s around you and look at your audience live is a very powerful thing that can make a huge difference.

Ten Webcast Ideas for Any Niche
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