Podcasting is becoming more and more popular and right so in my opinion, just imagine the freedom it gives your audience. They can download and take your message with them to the gym, listen to it in the car while traveling and I personally love to do this, or they can simply listen while they chat on Facebook or do a multitude of other things. Podcasting makes your message more personal and tangible to your audience whilst engaging them. A podcast should give your audience the best possible experience and to achieve this you should aim to make it as professional as you can.

Use a Good Microphone

If you do nothing else purchase a good microphone that has noise cancelling features, the best ones are the ones connected via a USB and are not the cordless ones many people opt for. You want a directional microphone that captures sound in front of it and not around it; this will make for a much better sound quality.

Use Good Software

Try to use software made for podcasting like Audacity which is a good a choice to record your podcast and of course most computers have some sort of recording software.

Audacity – http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Edit the Final Results

Everyone makes mistakes and if you are like me you make lots, don’t worry it’s not as if you have to make every answer and every part of your podcast perfect in fact I like it with some personality. But, some editing will need to be done so that everyone sounds professional and long-winded answers can be cut down for time’s and clarifies sake.

Keep the Room Quiet

We all have lives and many of us have busy offices but when recording your podcast you don’t want it to sound as if you are fighting with the background noise to be heard. Instead, do what you can to make sure it stays quiet while you record your show and remember to turn the sound down on your computer, I hear way to many email notification sounds on Podcasts because people simply don’t think, a little thinking at the start can make a huge difference to your audiences enjoyment.


Practice might not make you prefect but it sure helps you get used to the technology and software you are using. Try to ensure you have the time to have a practice run through before you put your show live so that you can learn to emphasize the points that you want to.

Get a Professional Introduction

Find somebody to produce a professional quality introduction sequence, complete with music and voice over, this is what you will play at the start of all of your podcasts. You should also look at getting sponsored introduction sequences produced and some people even have a music at the closing of a podcast. These few things are what elevate a homemade podcast into the realms of highly professional.

Sell Advertising

As your show becomes more popular, try to sell advertising, in the meantime, you might consider giving away some advertising so that people who are listening gets used to ads being in the show. And if anyone who listens wants to place an advertisement, they can hear the type of quality you expect. Oh and the best people to give advertisements away to are the people who are going to help you promote your show, that makes it a win, win. Although there is some argument for giving the advertisements away to your potential advertising sales targets… each is valid and it comes down to you and your show.

Invite Rock Star Guests

People love listening to podcasts more if there is a conversation instead of just one person talking. Try to invite guests who first of all are interesting and are masters of their niche and their businesses. This will rub off onto you by association, if you hang out with those who are doing well, you’ll be seen as someone who is doing well too.

Be Consistent

Putting out a podcast whenever you feel like it is the kiss of death, you need to work out a schedule and stick to it. It’s important that your audience become dependent on hearing your podcast on a certain date and time, this will bring them back time and time again as they look forward to your podcasts.

Stay on Topic

This can be extremely hard when you are doing a podcast because of having to repeatedly come up with subject matter for shows. But, you want the people who listen to associate you as an expert on your topic. By changing topics you risk this not happening and worse still you might end up targeting the wrong audience.

You really can produce a professional sounding podcast from your home office. You just need to have a good niche, understand your audience, and post podcasts on a regular basis using subject matter that your audience wants to hear.

Ten Tips for Creating a Professional Podcast
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