There are an awful lot of things to know about effective copywriting, indeed you can buy books just on this subject. The following are however ten do’s and don’t to help anyone craft better and more engaging copy. If you print this list out and have it next to you as you write any copy, you’ll improve your copy exponentially.

Do this for Effective Copywriting

Know Your Audience

Are you sick to death of hearing this yet? I know I mention it an awful lot, everything starts with knowing your audience. You must know your audience so well that you can create audience personas and write your copy directly to them. Don’t make assumptions that you know the audience without study. Even if you are part of the demographic, study your audience anyway.

Have a Clear Call to Actions

Every copy that you write needs to have a clear call to action located in a place where people will see it. It must jump off the page and compel the reader to act. If your call to action is not clear and noticeable, no one is going to do anything.

Effective Copywriting, Ten Dos and DontsUse Graphics and Color to Highlight Points

Graphics are your friend when it comes to effective copywriting, if you can use an arrow, or a red circle, or something to highlight words that you don’t want your audience to miss, then you should. Don’t go nuts and put them everywhere, make the design clean, but do point out important words and phrases with graphics and color.

Write for Scanners

When people read copy online they read vertically, not horizontally. It’s important that you use different fonts, bold, italics, and bullets along with colors and graphics to create a trail for the eye to follow. If your bulleted words, headline words, and sub-headline words are well thought out, someone can get the point simply by scanning them.

Explain Benefits over Features.

No one cares about the features of your product except you. What they care about is what it does for them. What problem does it solve, and what solution does it provide to them? If you can’t explain it clearly, you’ll need to give it more thought before writing.

Don’t do this for Effective Copywriting

Don’t Write for Everyone

You want to write for a small subset of your entire audience. Just like you had to niche down your audience, you need to actually niche down your subscribers and write for just the portion of your audience that is active. I like to personally think of just one person and then I try and write specifically for this one person, and if I can engage that one person I have succeeded.

Don’t Leave Things Unsaid

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Your audience is not going to read between the lines. If your product or service has a particular benefit, say so. If you don’t say so, they won’t know unless you tell them.

Don’t Welcome Everyone

Not only should you stop welcoming everyone to your website, please ditch the flash entry points, too. People do not want to look at one page loading for five minutes, then click a doorway to enter your website.

Don’t Use Just One Kind of Content

The days of just using text on your website, blog, or sales pages is over. You need to use multiple types of content such as video, podcasts, graphics, and text to get your point across clearly.

Don’t Exaggerate and Lie

If you haven’t made a million dollars online yet, please don’t tell people you have or imply that you have. Be honest, be exactly who you are. If no one has a clue who you are, don’t claim otherwise. The fact is, no one can be you. You are special; you are unique, and you need to simply be yourself. No one else can be you quite like you can so accept this and stop pretending to be otherwise.

Simply follow this list of do’s and don’ts and your copy will automatically become just a little bit better and more effective. Effective Copywriting is a skill that can be learned if you take the time to read about it and try. If you don’t want to do that, you could contact us and we’ll help make your copy that much more effective.

Effective Copywriting, Ten Dos and Donts
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