Every business needs a blog if it wants to attract customers to it online as well as featuring highly in the search engines. A blog should be the main form of communication with your target audience and It should solve their problems but is should do so in an entertaining way. By doing so you will attract your customers to you and reap the rewards. But as you have likely suspected nothing is ever as easy as it seems, so let’s have a look at some of the most common mistakes people make blogging.

Ten Blogging Mistakes to Avoid #infographic

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Incorrect Focus

Making your blog all about you instead of focusing on the reader.

Poor Keyword Use

Forgetting to use keywords in your domain name, image descriptions and other meta data.


Trying to publish a post every single day and burning out.

Profit over Relationships

Blogging with profit in mind instead of focusing on building a relationship with your readers.

Weak Titles

Writing titles and introductions that are weak and won’t pull the reader in.


Not thinking about SEO from the beginning.

Poor Response

Failing to reply to blog comments and let people know there’s a human being behind the blog.

Lack of Connection

Ignoring other bloggers and failing to make connections with them.

Incorrect Tone

Writing in a tone that’s either too formal and academic, or too casual and error-ridden.

Being Impatient

Expecting overnight success from your blog traffic generation efforts.

Ten Blogging Mistakes to Avoid #infographic
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