If you want to keep your visitors coming back to your website and other online real estate locations, such as your social media channels, then you need to make them like you. One way to get people to like you is to let them in on your reasons for being. But, to tell your brand story successfully you need to do it with your audience in mind.

Your audience care about how everything affects them more than how anything they do affects you.

Learn the Art of Storytelling

There is a real art to telling stories that elicit the emotions you want in your audience. Use action, character, emotion, and imagery to tell your brand story in a way that will bring to life everything you’ve gone through until today to become what you are.

Focus on the Good Parts

You don’t need to tell your story in minute detail, that’s boring and would put people to sleep. Instead, focus on the parts that really made a difference for you, your audience and your customers. Remember, this is the story you’ll need to relay in different ways repeatedly, so you don’t want it to be boring.

Consider the Format of the Content

How you write the story of your brand will depend on how it is to be presented. What format will the story appear in? Will it be in print, video, a meme, an infographic, or something else such as a short-term email course? The tone of the story changes depending on the format you present it in.

Connect the Story to the Audience

The more personal you can make the story to your audience, the better and more invested they will become. If you can write about or talk about failure (something most people have experienced) and connect that to your audience, you’ll endear yourself to them in new ways. In fact, when people share experiences it creates a bond that is hard to break.

Bring in Conflict

When people are told about a conflict that happened, how you overcame it, and what that has to do with your product or service, it’s a good way to keep their attention. People like hearing about tension and resolution. It makes them feel good. When you make your audience feel good, they’re more apt to answer your calls to action.

Be Clear about the Risks versus Reward

Don’t blow smoke. It’s better to be completely honest with your story, and within your explanation of what your audience can expect. You want them to be satisfied, excited, and wowed by their results based on your results, but you don’t want them to think it’s that simple.

Use a Known Story Pattern

Even in business, your brand story has a story pattern. Is it a hero’s journey, an adventure, about self-discovery and personal triumph, or something else? Whether you’re telling a historical tale or you’re the expert who went through something to become the authority you are, tell that story.

Weaving a compelling brand story successfully takes focus, understanding of your audience, and time. You can tell parts of your story in different ways on different platforms if it’s all cohesive and makes sense. You can use your about page, various blog posts, your social profiles, and more to get the story out.

Telling Your Brand Story Successfully
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