The power of storytelling is all around us and has never been more popular or more important. Storytelling is part of all aspects of our lives, whether it’s a story we read on social media, a story our place of employment tells us, a story our religion tells us, or ever a story science tells us. The most successful stories worth repeating have a few things in common, if you can incorporate these features within your stories, you can ensure that you’re telling stories worth repeating.

If you cannot convey a story about your business and why you do what you do and why you’re the one people should select to do it, then it will be almost impossible to promote your products or services to others. We’re simply wired for stories and have been since the days of the cavemen. This is why so many important things we learn are learned from stories.

When you know your own story you can incorporate it into all aspects of your content creation processes, from blog posts, to videos, to eBooks, on your “about us” page, and everywhere else. You can weave your story throughout everything you do, making it a solid foundation on which to build your business.

You might have learned this in high school English if you didn’t or perhaps you need a refresher on the six C’s of storytelling. Whether it’s the written word or a video, these six C’s pack a powerful punch that you can incorporate in almost all aspects of your marketing.

1. Commitment

It’s important that in everything you do that you take the time to nurture your story. Share it with others, respond to comments, and build on the story over time to make it even better. You might even need to share different elements of your story with different segments of your audience. As long as you are committed to the story and the message, you will get across what you want to.

2. Clarity

You want every story you tell to focus on one goal. That might be to sign up, to buy, to join a group or something else. Maybe you just want them to engage with you and respond to your story. That is good. The key here is to keep it simple. Try to separate a story into three parts or acts to keep it as simple as possible. Think in terms of problems and solutions.

3. Concept

Every story you tell needs a point, an overarching message that you want your audience to leave with. Plus, a next step that they can take to complete the story. Your message might be that perseverance pays off, and the story may be a story of you and others and how you persevered, and the next step might be that they can persevere too and this is how, so do this next.

4. Creative

Whether you use inspired words, artistic visuals or a combination of both to tell the story fully to your audience, it needs to be creative. You want to come at the message from more than one angle so that you can get the message across and through to all five senses of your audience.

5. Content

It doesn’t matter if your marketing method is old or new; the content you use must be valuable to the user in such a way that they feel like they can’t stand to be without it for more than one minute more.

6. Connection

Find a way to make an emotional connection to the audience that you’re sharing your story with. Engage them in every aspect of their journey through the buying cycle. If you can identify where they are in the buying cycle, you can tell the right story at the right time and connect with them on a new level.

These six C’s of business storytelling can help you change how you tell all your stories from here on out. Just remember to keep it simple, focused on one problem at a time, and always remember the next step or call to action. It really is as simple as this.

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