There are a number of ways to make the most of collaborative content in order to attract more people that want to buy something from you,  rather than browsers and tire kickers that so many people seem to spend their time attracting.

What Is Collaborative Content?

Collaborative content can be defined as two or more people or businesses working together to create content that will appeal to both of their audiences. Each expert or business owner will gain exposure and be able to tap into each other’s audiences, making it a win, win for everyone involved.

Collaborate versus Compete

A lot of new business owners fear competition. Therefore, they tend to look at other businesses and experts in their niche as the enemy. However, no single marketer or brand can be all things to all people. There will be gaps in your knowledge, and gaps in your product lines. Each “guru” in their niche also brings different experiences, knowledge and skill to their work, so no two niche experts will ever offer quite the same take on key topics in their niche.

Collaboration therefore allows you to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and product line in a risk-free manner that will allow you both the chance to grow and thrive.

There are other benefits too:

Collaboration makes things less lonely

Sometimes you might feel you are just talking to yourself, rather than an engaged audience. A collaboration can help you feel you are not a lone voice in the wilderness, but are on the right track.

You can learn, and teach

The most successful business owners are life-long learners. They also tend to be mentors and teachers. You can learn from the best and also show what you know, improving the final product in such a way that your audience will get the most value out of it.

It can make things more fun and interesting

It’s wonderful to be able to bounce ideas off each other and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Collaboration inside and outside your company

If you are a company larger than one, encourage everyone to collaborate, in order to make the most of all they know. Use Google Documents, Box, Basecamp, Asana and so on to share content and collaborate fully. Bring in “experts” from outside the company as needed to take your content and business to the next level.

A fresh voice and perspective

We each have our own style and way of looking at things and creating content. New collaborators can shake things up and offer a more well-rounded view of a topic. Guest blogging is a great way to get fresh and interesting new content. Engage with it through remarks at the start and end of the post, so when they share the URL with their followers, their followers will get to engage with your new voice.

New skills and formats

If you’re a blogger, chances are you are a good writer, but might not have a full range of skills in other areas that will enable you to create a wide range of engaging content – such as video, audio/podcasts, infographics, PowerPoint decks, and so on. Collaborate with people who have the skills you lack, and create something great all your audience will love.

More traffic, from a range of sources

Everyone should be proud of their contributions, and point their followers to the collaborative piece, multiplying your traffic and allowing you to tap into their existing customer base. Consider collaborating with niche “influencers” who are high-profile and have a large number of followers, such as on social media. In this way, you will stand a better chance of growing your audience rapidly, building your list with high-quality prospective customers.

The human touch

An interview or a discussion panel/summit benefits everyone who participates, because they can see and/or hear you on the recording. This creates the impression they “know” you, which creates trust and loyalty, and in turn can boost sales.

Taking Advantage of Collaborative Content to Attract Buyers
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