People have been wanting to set up websites and sell advertising ever since I first started building websites over twenty years ago, I’m sure you can relate to this, it’s a nice dream for many but not impossible. If you run a podcast that has amazing content and great listeners, you’ll eventually have people come to you wanting to put their advertisements on your podcast. You want to be ready when sponsors come calling.

Understand Your Audience

In order to start a podcast you need to know who you’re doing it for. Who is the audience, what do they want, and what do they need? The more you know about what they need, what their pain points are, and how they like to get their information, the better programming you can create for them.

Create Excellent Content

The better content you create, the more your audience will listen, the more they’ll tell others about the content, and the bigger your podcast will grow. The content needs to be targeted, valuable, and useful. It should stand on its own without any additional purchases or reading.

Build Your Audience

Once you have the podcast started with a few shows under your belt, start promoting it to your audience through email marketing, blog posts, and interviews you do on other people’s podcasts. The biggest thing you have going for you when it comes to getting sponsorships is to have an engaged, active, loyal audience that keeps growing week after week.

Prove Your Numbers

Have a way to prove your subscribers, such as by putting your podcast not only on your own website but also on a service like iTunes so that you can prove downloads for your show. The more downloads, the more viewers, and the more your sponsorship spots are worth.

Create a FAQ for Potential Sponsors

Even though you are just starting your podcast, you want to give a lot of thought to sponsorships before the first person inquires. Find out what industry standards are when it comes to how much a sponsorship is worth. You can read more about sponsorships and industry standards here:

Under Promise and Over Deliver

You want to hype up your show in your marketing efforts, but when it comes down to it you need to deliver excellence each time you publish the show. Your listeners will come to count on your unique voice in the industry.

Learn to Read Aloud

When you accept sponsorships you’re going to have to read the ads as created by your sponsors, and you don’t want to sound awkward. You want to sound believable and excited about what you’re telling your audience. Practice makes perfect.

Offer Value to Your Sponsors

Sponsors need to know that they’re getting some type of value for their money when they sponsor your show. Be excited about their sponsorship in other ways outside of your podcast. Blog about them, in addition to their spot on your show. Share information on social media about your sponsor to up the value of their sponsorship.

You can earn a lot of money with sponsorships if you have a popular show. Some podcasts make upwards of $50K a month from sponsorships alone. While yours may never reach that level, you can earn a substantial side income from podcast sponsorships and advertisements.

Selling Advertising for Your Podcast
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