When you first start thinking about incorporating videos into your content marketing mix, one of the best place to get ideas is from your own blog. If you have an active blog and you should, you can use the analytics from Google to figure out which blog posts are the most popular. You can use this information to help you come up with new ideas.

Find out Which Post Are Your Most Popular Blog Posts

Using Google Analytics, determine which blog posts that you have that currently get the most traffic and engagement. These are the topics your audience is telling you they want to know more about.

Rework the Title

You may be able to use the same title, unless you are changing the format. For example, if it’s a “top ten” post but you’re going to break it up, you’ll want to explain that in the title, however you might also like to change the title slightly.

Pick the Most Important Points

Having too many points in a video can make it too long, the idea length of a video is less than five minutes, with some people recommending two to three minutes. So if we take the top ten post mentioned above, instead of taking this list and turning it into a video, why not take one point from each of the top ten posts and turn them into ten separate videos.

Choose Your Technology

Are you going to need a good camera, or will your web cam be good enough? Will you need editing technology to add images, music and other features to your video? Write down what you need so you can determine what you technology is actually required and remember you can often start small and invest over time as your video posts become more popular. A good microphone is one of the smartest investments possible.

Make Slides

If you don’t want to make a talking head type video, make slides with one sentence or point per slide that you plan to talk about. You want them to focus on what you’re message is, and you should not simply read the slide.

Add Visuals

Images like infographics, memes and graphs work well inside a video. People like to look at more than your head when they see a video. If you use good video editing software, you can add in great images and slides without interrupting the video.

Add Sound Effects

Don’t make the music so loud when you’re talking that you can’t hear what you’re saying. However, some royalty free music will make your video look and sound more professional, especially in the intro and exit portion.

Add an Intro and Exit

Prerecord an intro and exit that will be used on all your videos so that you can bring them together into one cohesive valuable asset for your audience, who will learn to instantly recognise your video brand. Don’t make them long, though; a few seconds is enough and these can be purchased and used over and over from many well-known outsourcing websites.

Promote Your Videos

Post your video into a new blog post, with a blurb, description, and a transcript. Then also go back to the old blog post and put the link to the video under the old blog post that prompted you to make a video.

Repurposing old blog posts into videos should be your first method of transitioning to adding video to your content marketing mix. Video is more successful than any other form of content in getting more conversions especially these short video bites. But, you don’t want to replace everything with video; you just want to add it and reach new audiences and engage everyone better.

Repurposing Old Blog Posts into Videos
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