Content repurposing is one of the smartest things any business can do, content repurposing expands the reach of your online marketing efforts, allowing you to gain a new audience segment and increase profits.

Content repurposing is the best way to get brand new content by recycling the information contained in older content. It is much easier repurposing content than it is to create brand new content. This ease means that you save time and money through repurposing and end up with restyled content to meet your specific needs.

One of the easiest tips for content repurposing is the use of the rule of expansion. Every time you write content there are always space and time constraints. Because of these constraints, you compress points of information or gloss over parts of subjects that aren’t essential to your narrative or point of view.

When you go back over your older content pieces look out for where this has occurred. Why? Because you can take the parts of the articles where you compressed or glossed over information and expand on those points more fully in order to create new related content.

This expansion process is much easier than creating brand new content from scratch. With the bones of what you need to say, already there in the compressed part of the older content. All you have to do is add thing fresh to this, share you newer knowledge because over time we all learn more and our opinions can change… so you can incorporate this.

Another useful trick is to use your old content to create slide decks, a slide deck is nothing more than those series of visuals you see on a screen behind a person giving a talk. They contain the salient points that the speaker is making. They are a helpful way to keep both the speaker and audience on track during the presentation. They are also an excellent way to present the salient points of your content to your audience.

All you need to do to create a slide deck is to remember your outlining skills from high school. The words on the slides in a slide deck are nothing more than an outline of the main points of your content. If you already used sub headers to divide up your older content, you’re halfway home. Use a program like PowerPoint to create the slides themselves. In the end you’ll have one slide for each of your points plus an intro slide and an ending slide that contains your contact information.

When the slide deck is finished, you can upload it to a site like SlideShare or you can create a video using Google Hangouts with you speaking and your Slide Deck showing. Once there new audience members can access your deck and, if they like what they see, contact you for further information.

When creating your slide deck you created an outline of the salient points contained within the content that you are repurposing. You can take that outline and, if appropriate, use the same information contained in the outline to create an infographic.

Infographics are one of the most popular ways to communicate information to your audience. They look good and people just seem to love them. They allow your audience to review information in bite sized, easily digestible chunks when that info is accompanied by graphics. An infographic is exactly that, information with graphics.

Infographics are easy to create. You already have the information from your outline. The graphic portion of the infographic is easily obtainable on a free site like PicMonkey or Canva. These will also allow you to create the infographic itself, combining your text and graphics into one pretty package that your audience will love. It’s the perfect example of content repurposing, same content, new format with audience engagement.

Once you have an infographic, you can take that same information and turn your infographic into a videographic. A videographic is nothing more than an infographic that moves. Again, it combines the information that you already have with a graphical element that your audience loves. It’s a perfect format to put out and gain even more audience members.

You can again use PowerPoint to generate the slides that you’ll use for the videographic. Once the slides are completed, you can use an editing program like Camtasia to create the video itself. Camtasia will also allow you to add a music track to accompany your slides.

You can get royalty-free music to use at a site like Looperman. Once you have your videographic completed post it back to you own website and monitor your engagement rate, you’ll be amazed. Graphical information seems to be the in thing at the moment and nothing pushes an audience’s buttons like video.

As you can see content repurposing is one of the smartest ways to capitalize on the investment in content creation you have already done, it allows you to turn one piece of content into many and capture a whole new audience.

Realistic Content Repurposing Ideas
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