Having a successful podcast is a great way to build your brand, boost your expert status and make more sales. You can go from a no-one to an amazing career with a good podcast. And, having a good podcast isn’t as hard as you might think. Here’s what you need to succeed.


You need to own your podcast for it to be super successful, because you don’t want any restrictions on how you can use the content you create. Sites like Blog Talk Radio seem easy, but you don’t actually have full control over the content.

The Right Niche

You should be passionate, knowledgeable and excited about the niche you choose to be involved in. If you are bored by it, don’t believe in it and can’t stand to learn more about it, it’s not the right niche. Don’t pick a niche just because it’s popular.

Excellent Content

Each show should be a production of excellence with targeted content for your audience. You want to produce content that your audience finds valuable and useful enough to listen to on a regular basis.

A Good Microphone

You don’t really have to spend that much to get a really good noise-canceling mic and headset. Test out different ones to see which one you like most, or follow the advice of professional podcasters. They all swear by the Yeti Mic, which is expensive but worth it.

Link – http://www.bluemic.com/yeti/


You’ll likely have to put out many podcasts before you start getting a lot of listeners, which will take commitment. Once you get about fifteen podcasts, you should know whether or not you have a good idea or not.


It’s great to hire someone to do a voiceover for the start and end of your show as well as advertisements, so that they sound professional. You can find voiceover artists on Fiverr.com and other freelance websites.

Theme Music

To have theme music created for your podcast, you can use ReadWrite.com or you can hire someone to do it for you on Fiverr.com and other freelance sites. You can also check with your local university to see if any music students want to help you.

A Product (or Two)

In order to really earn money, you need a product to sell and promote through your podcast. You don’t have to directly promote the product if you feel uncomfortable doing that, but you do need to have a link to them on your description site.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need for a successful podcast. If you find the right niche, own your podcast, create amazing content and have a product to sell, you will be successful making money from your podcast.

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