There are numerous tools that you can use to make your podcast extra special. You don’t really need much more than a way to record your podcast and post it for listening, but having these extra tools is always useful.


This is a great way to get your podcasts transcribed so you can use them in other products and for SEO purposes. You can get transcriptions for as little as one dollar per minute of audio and video, by real humans, so you know that it will be readable to your audience.

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Yeti Mic

This is known as the ultimate USB mic. You can get studio quality sound from your bedroom office using this type of mic. If you want rich, full-bodied sound, this is a great mic to use.

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This software will help you record podcasts. It’s a powerful tool that will allow you to record and edit a podcast easily. You can add advertising to your podcast, change the order of the interviews and edit out mistakes.

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Pamela for Skype

You can use this software to record interviews on Skype and edit the interview before publishing as a podcast. This software works easily and will even automatically record Skype sessions so you don’t have to remember to turn on the software.

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Liberated Syndication offers podcast hosting that can help you create a profitable podcast and market it on social media from one location with their OnPublish tool. In addition, for premium subscribers there is subscription management, and multi-app markets.

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Simple Podcast Press

You can automatically publish podcasts to your website if you use hosting sites like Libsyn, SoundCloud or even Blog Talk Radio. All you do is install it into WordPress, enter your iTunes URL and then it will appear automatically on your blog.

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Sony Pro Headphones

Using good headphones that have excellent sound will help you create a better podcast, because you’ll be able to hear the true sound that you’re making with the right set-up. With their noise-cancelling action, the sound will be professional and amazing.

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This editing software is professional and full featured, and can help you create extra professional podcasts. It works better than most other editing software and is actually quite intuitive.

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Schedule Once

Make your interview scheduling hands off with this software that helps you set free time for interviews, and then will remind you when it’s time for your interview or meeting.

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Speak Pipe

This tool is very useful because of the fact that podcasts are usually recorded and then played later. You can accept questions and calls that you add into the podcast after you’ve recorded it.

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These tools are very helpful for creating a professional podcast that is profitable and useful for you and your target audience. There are also lots of other tools to find and explore.

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