I’m extremely fortunate in that my English grammar and my spelling often sucks at times, however I know naturally how best to connect with people and incite them to do something. Words that other struggle to come up with, I instinctively use because with content marketing, it’s more often than not the words we use that hold the power to influence others.

You know that words can inspire, incite action, arouse curiosity and persuade and motivate people to do things, such as make purchases or subscribe to your email list. Knowing these words and phrases and having the knowledge on how best to use them can make a significant difference, within the content you create.

You might wonder why the content you create cannot just educate and inform and why you need to use persuasive techniques in your content. It’s because the content you create will be the only thing the majority of your audience actually read, watch or listen to. And if you can persuade them in your content then your conversion rates and click-through rates will be much better. And as you know, better conversions means more customers which means more profits.

Let’s have a look at a few powerful and persuasive words and phrases which you can start to include in your content creation process.

Common Power Words


“You” is one of the most important words you can use in your content. It immediately bonds your audience to you. It creates a connection, look at the following example:

  1. Business owners benefit when they use persuasive words in their content.
  2. You benefit when you use persuasive words in your content.

The first sentence is clear but it separates the person reading it from the page. It talks about “business owners” as a group rather than talking to the individual person.


Whenever you ask someone to do you a favor, do you simply ask or do you include a reason? If you give a reason for asking for the favor, you’re more likely to secure your favor. In a similar fashion you might like to consider using “because” occasionally when you’re pointing out features and benefits of a product or service.


“New” is a word people like because many people see it as representing something new and cutting edge, the mobile phone industry is built on this. Your audience is also seeking “new” online and when “new” is used in your headlines and in the body of your content, it helps grab people’s attention and persuade action. For example, “new” information, “new” changes, “new” benefits, a “new” price, product or service, a “new” never before seen …

Emotional Words and Phrases Persuade

Words that incite emotion are the most powerful persuasive words, as we all emotional by nature. This is particularly true when they are used in the opening introduction and later within the content as an explanation or list of benefits. I’ve included a few powerful emotional trigger type words for you to consider using when creating your content. You should keep in mind that they should match the tone and purpose of your content.

  • Helpless
  • Paralyzed
  • Surrender
  • Rave
  • Deadline
  • Limited
  • Easy
  • Boost
  • Energize
  • Destiny
  • Empower
  • Overcome
  • Had Enough?
  • Never Again…
  • Conspiracy
  • Swindle
  • Controversial
  • Exposed
  • Insider

And of course let’s not forget the words, “Free,” “Guaranteed,” and “Convenient.” When you’re using persuasive words, the real trick is to use them sparingly and strategically. Too many and your content will sound like a forced sales page and no one wants that. With just the right amount of persuasive words in tactical locations, you can see your content’s conversion rates improve.

Persuasive Words You Can Include In Your Content For Better Results
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