Smart business owners don’t just create and use random advertisements. Instead, they use a combination of advertising and marketing to gently lead the audience toward not just buying a new product or service, but of living a new lifestyle. By promoting a new lifestyle, you can create a lifelong customer. Using persuasive visual advertising techniques can help.


Choosing colors for your ads makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your advertising. If you pick the wrong color, your audience may be turned off by the ad. Selecting the right colors requires that you know your audience enough to know what colors mean to them. Colors mean something different depending on culture, sex, and other factors.

The Eyes Have it

A great tool to use with visual marketing is images with eyes looking right at the audience. We are conditioned to believe that when people look straight at us they’re being honest. Showing imagery with eyes looking at the audience helps develop trust, and can help the audience make the choice to buy.


Just like vector lines, focal points can be used to guide the eye to a certain element in the advertisement. The focus can be created using subtle editing formats such as “selective focus,” or by using different subtle colors to draw attention to the area you want the viewer to focus on.

Non-Verbal Signals

Better known as body language, it’s like the images with the straight gaze to elicit trust. An image of people with certain types of body language can help people feel confident in making a purchase. If you want to project happiness, show people happy; if you want to project confidence, show images of confident people.


The elements of a visual piece are very important. How things are laid out is as important as the images on the advertisements. Where your eye is forced to look and the balance of the piece are important elements in visual advertising. For example, you can use negative space to elicit a lot of emotion from your audience.


This has long been a tactic used to keep a brand in the forefront of a user’s mind. This is a tricky technique to use with voice but is a great technique to use with visual advertising. It can be used with the logo or with the words in the ad, and is a very powerful tool to use for advertisers.

Rule of Thirds

This is a common compositional element used by photographers and graphic designers. The way this works is that the elements you want to stand out are put at various junctures of lines that the eye is drawn to in thirds on the ad.


If you’re trying to promote intelligence, use images that are associated with smart people like glasses, suit and tie and “nerdy” images – even though it’s a stereotype, it works to make the suggestion that if they use our product or services, they’re smart.


Many ads use symbolism to help project a feeling to the viewer; for example water to promote calm, open fields to suggest freedom, a view of a mountain to suggest conquering a challenge. You get the idea. What feeling do you want your ad to project?

Vector Lines

Artists know that people tend to follow certain lines called vectors in their visual path. These are straight lines that lead your eye toward what they want you to see. So, for example the lines will make the viewer look at the element that is most important to see.

Using these visual elements can be very persuasive when the right targeted audience sees the advertisement.

Persuasive Visual Advertising Techniques
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