Every good content marketing copywriter spends time focusing on creating short sentences that make a statement. If you are used to writing fiction you may use additional padding to complete each sentence. For example adding a description to evoke pictures of the scenery or characters contained within.

Good content marketing copy needs however to be short and sweet. One of the most commonly asked questions in content marketing circles is how long should a blog post be? The answer is simple, just long enough to answer the question you are answering for your target audience and not one word longer.

Pay Attention to Your Sentences

Chalk drawing – Who, what, why, where and when

A good piece of advice is to use the 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, Why and When. On top of this you want to add some facts to these sentences, when you add facts or specific details you are reinforcing ideas to your audience.

If you are new to content marketing and in particular copywriting then you should start collecting examples of content that engage you, so that you can study them. You want to specifically look at the use of sentences, paragraphs, bullets points, headings and sub headings.

Try to keep in mind that people nowadays are more likely to be reading the content you create on their mobiles devices rather than on their computers. These mobile screens do not display as much text as traditional computers, so you need to have text that is easy to read. You don’t want your audience to experience a long, seemingly never ending paragraph of text, because they will get bored and stop reading. This is why short, clear sentences always win the day.

When you are creating content you want to engage and evoke emotions in your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on one specific problem your audience is experiencing.

By identifying this problem you have to make sure you bring this up within your copy. After addressing the problem you want to off a solution to it. By doing this with your sentences you are giving your audience hope. After all they are potentially buying your solution to solve their problem.

Now all of this sounds pretty straight forward and simple, but it does takes practice so that it appears natural. If you can remember to write short sentences you will be more than half way there.

You should ideally practice writing lots of short sentences that are concise. In addition to sentences, work on writing out short headings and sub headings. Adding these headings to your copy breaks up your text and makes the copy easier to scan, plus it make it more pleasing to the eye.

The beauty of content marketing is that when you first start your audience is small, and as your audience grows so does your skill as you create more and more content.

Pay Attention to Your Sentences
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