Have you heard rumours that guest blogging is out of fashion, it’s dead and that you shouldn’t do it. Even writing that is a little jarring as it isn’t true, in fact guest blogging is becoming more and more popular and beneficial to those that do it.

What is actually out, and what you should be avoiding is republishing the same article in multiple places. What is out and what should be avoided is generic keyword rich blog posts that have nothing to do with the website, with the sole aim of getting backlinks. What’s out and should be avoided are lame and boring articles and blog posts that don’t put the audience first. What’s out and should be avoided is blanketing the web with short blog posts that are either identical or almost identical, and never following up.

If you want to guest blog, this is how you do it.

Know the Audience You’re Writing For

There is no point spending the time creating a blog post and posting it just anywhere, or more specifically writing it for an audience you don’t know about. Know the audience and write directly for that particular audience. As you are guest posting you want your audience to know that they’re still on the blog they went to when reading your guest post. Try to match the style that the blog owners uses to make your guest blog post fit in.

Write Only Original Blog Posts for That Particular Blog

Don’t regurgitate anything for a guest blog post as that’s the biggest mistake anyone can make, write something new and original for each particular blog that you guest blog on. Further the audience of each blog are used to a certain personality, style of writing and while you want to be yourself, you should do things the way the owner of that blog wants them done.

Publish a Blog Post Only Once

Don’t reuse the content you have published elsewhere. Once published it belongs to that blog, forever. If you want to write about that topic again, of course you can, but you need to keep that blog unique to avoid duplicate content issues for you and the blog owner.

Guest Blog Only Where Your Own Target Audience Reads

Don’t rush out and guest blog post anyplace that will have them just to get backlinks to your own website. The whole aim of guest blogging is to put your guest blog posts in places that your audiences visits so that you can expand your reach within your niche. As always make sure there is a real reason for the guest blog post to exist.

Write Posts That Are Not Sales Pages

A guest blog post is not the place to pitch your offerings, thus turning it into a sales page. Instead it should be an informative, educational and engaging blog post that provides value to the audience member reading it and the blog owner.

Promote the Blog Post

Once you’ve created a blog post you must also help promote it. You should inform your email list, inform your blog audience about the post, and also promote it via social media as hard as you would anything else you have created.

Answer Comments on the Guest Blog Post

When someone comments on your guest blog post, you should respond to these comments as if they were on your own blog. The more you respond, the more the viewers will appreciate your post and you.

Follow Up with the Owner of the Blog

Give it a few weeks and then follow up with the blog owner to find out if they were satisfied with the results of the guest blog post. If they are satisfied, would they like you to contribute regularly? If not, why not, so that you can do better?

If you really want to guest blog, do it strategically. Find blogs that are more popular than your own, which cater to your audience but which are not direct competition to you. Offer the blog owner an opportunity to join your affiliate program if you have one, or make one if you can, so that they can get credit for any traffic sent by their blog.

No   Guest Blogging Isnt Dead
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