When creating videos for your content marketing activities, try to ensure you avoid making these mistakes. Some of these might seem a little advanced in nature, but if you start of thinking of the big picture, you won’t have to go back and reorganize or edit anything once you start to achieve the sort of results you dreamt of achieving when you started.

Not Being Concerned with SEO

One of the key points about publishing videos is to actually market your business, this means that you have to give people the opportunity to search the Internet and locate videos such as yours that interest them. You therefore cannot ignore the often perceived as boring details such a creating keyword rich titles and tags. Plus, it’s imperative to put it in the right categories and provide a full description of the video, so that your audience know what to watch and why it’s relevant to them.

Not Linking to Your Website

Every single video that you create should link to your website, not only that but if you really want to make an impact and generate better online results, you should consider creating a special landing page just for your YouTube visitors and if you have the time you can even consider creating special landing pages for each video, to help your audience make good choices when it comes to buying your products and services.

Not Targeting Your Audience Appropriately

As with all marketing and especially video, you need to know exactly who it is directed towards. This is where creating individual audience profiles (buyer personas) will help. If you know which member of your audience you’re talking to, you’ll be able to direct every word of your video to this audience member.

Not Giving Thought to the Thumbnail You Choose

YouTube lets you chose a thumbnail that best represents the content of the video. You want to choose one that captures the attention of your audience, and you need to spend the time required to get this right as it literally can make the difference between just a few views and many thousands. Answer this question, what thumbnail will get the most attention from your target audience?

Not Including Strong CTAs

A call to action is one of the most important aspects of any content marketing activity that you do. Whether it’s a video, an infographic or a blog post, you need to include a call to action such as subscribe, give me a thumbs up, or go to my website. Think of it like this, if you don’t tell your audience what it is you want them to do, how are they going to know what to do?

Not Including Closed Captions

The reason you want to add closed captions is because people with hearing difficulties like watching videos too, and also because the captions will help with social media. Here is a video that explains how to create them.

Not Allowing Comments

The whole point of social media is to be social so never ever consider turning comments off, even if you feel overwhelmed at times. Comments should actively be encouraged and you should take the time to respond to as many of them as you can. In other words be social with your audience. One word of warning, never answer or comment in anger to any trolls that you attract, instead think of trolls as an indication that you’re doing things right because you’re getting noticed and found.

Not Creating Playlists

Playlists allow you to create a “greatest hits” list so that your audience can know what to watch on various topics. This will also help your videos rank higher and get more views. Just go to uploads, select some videos, then click playlists, and create a playlist.

Not Promoting Your Videos

To maximize the results of your video marketing it’s important to take the time to promote your videos. Share them your own social media channels, sharing your own introduction, opinions and thoughts with each share, all of the time encouraging your audience to also share them. Don’t forget to embed the video on your website, and include an announcement that you’ve uploaded a new video in your newsletter.

Finally, another big mistake is not creating and publishing videos on a regular basis. Making videos can take a long time when you are doing it right, but putting up more videos more often will pay off big time with more views, more engagement and in the end more sales.

Nine Common Video Making Mistakes
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