One of the biggest mistakes business bloggers make is that when things get busy they give up on regular blogging. The single most important tool at your fingertips to build website traffic, to build authority with your audience and to aid conversion rates is your blog. A blog is almost always the single most important method people have to find their way to your website. Let’s look at why you should always blog regularly and especially when you are busy.

Great for SEO

Your blog is perfect for improving search engine optimization because you can write keyword-rich, authoritative articles full of information that your audience wants to read and needs to know about. Search engines like often updated websites and the easiest way to update a site often is via the blog.

Connect with Customers

A blog is a great way to connect with your customers. If you open up the blog to comments, then it’s more like a busy message board or forum, provided that you answer and enter into discussions with everyone who comments on your blog posts. Not only that, those comments are also great for SEO.

Build Authority

When you blog about things in your business, your audience will get to know you better and realize that you’re an authority for the niche and topic that you’re involved in. Proving it over and over again through your choice of words on your blog will build that up even more.

You Can Create New Products

Through blogging, you’ll be able to analyze problems your audience has, then come up with solutions for them. As you develop a problem and solution format, you’ll be able to use those blogs as future products.

Offers Free PR

Few things in life are free, but your blog, if you write the posts yourself, is about as free as it gets. Not only that, it’s also a very effective form of marketing. You can use the blog to reach out to others and even open doors for you for other types of publicity.

Build Relationships

Your customers will come to expect your blogs, and they will look at you as the person they want to learn more from. This is a great way to build relationships because if you post to your audience with them in mind, they feel like you’re thinking of them when you say something.

Provides Audience Insight

When you blog and open up your comments to your audience, you can get a lot of insight into what they want. Just ask for feedback from your audience when you want more information from them. Then you can use that information for future blog posts, and products.

Allows You to Tell Your Story

Aside from a great source of traffic generation, blogging is also a way to tell your story through your website. You can post about personal information that you might not normally do when it comes to business. But, do be careful and make sure you can somehow relate the personal insights to your business and audience.

When you start a blog, it seems to move slowly at first. But after you’ve managed to post on a regular basis for a few months, you’ll start to see a steady trend upwards for site visitors, comments, and engagement. The upwards trend will not slow down if you never stop blogging.

Never Stop Blogging
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