If you want to maximize your video marketing efforts you should look at ways of repurposing the videos that you have created so that you can make the most of your hard work. Using videos in new and engaging ways can help generate more profits and help develop an enormous amount of content.

Put Webinars on Auto Replay

When you present a webinar, record it and put your recorded webinar on auto-play so that people can sign up for the webinar again, and view it as if it was live. Lots of webinar platforms offer this facility and you should take advantage of them.

Cut the Videos to Bite Sized

If you already have videos, you can go through them and find good places to cut them into bite-size short videos that make a specific point of interest to your audience. You can put the videos on social media or as part of a more comprehensive blog post.

Make Shorts into a Longer Video

If you use Vine or Instagram, you can take your visuals that were short and combine them together into one longer video. Add a transcript so that you can get also the most of SEO.

Transcribe Videos

Offer a verbatim transcription of each video as an additional download. Or alternatively post the transcript under the video, it will help search engines find the video and index it accordingly. Some people may prefer to read the transcript to watching the video.

Edit Transcriptions

Take a transcription and alter it to make it more readable and engaging by fixing mistakes, adding images, and making the transcription into a quality piece of content in its own right that you can show on your website or make for sale on its own.

Turn a How to Video into a Blog Post

You may need to cut images out of the video to make the blog post understandable, but making a video into a blog post that stands alone is a great way to make the most of a video.

Curate Your Own Videos

If you have a lot of videos, you can curate them on your website into different categories. This will allow your readers to find your information faster. If you have also transcribed every one of these videos and posted them at the bottom of each video, then your audience will find you faster. Put each video on its own landing page too.

Make eBooks from Webinars

You can take several webinars, transcribe them and put them together to make a very complete eBook. Add some content between the transcriptions, images, and even affiliate links, and you can create an entire information product that starts with an eBook.

Add to a Membership Website

Why don’t you make any videos that you’ve created, along with the other work derived from the videos, into a bundle on a membership website. Memberships are great ways to add income to your bottom line, and adding videos for the members will be very much appreciated.


Often it’s possible to take the audio of a video and turn it into a podcast so that people can download and listen to it while they drive to work or whenever they like.

When you repurpose the videos you have created, combine them, transcribe them, and make them into something new, you can really push the boundaries and make the most of the all of the videos you’ve created. You can increase your audience engagement, revenue and improve your return on investment for each video you create. All it takes is a little forward planning so you make it easy to repurpose later on and boast your video marketing.

Making the Most of Your Videos
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