There are so many different types and formats of content that you can create for your audience. When you choose the type of content you want to publish, always ask the question, “What is my goal for this content?” Knowing the goal of the content and who it’s targeted to, makes all the difference in ensuring that the work you do gets the results you desire.

Who Is the Content For?

Within every single niche, there are more niches. For example, you may have a list of people who want to learn how to play golf. But, maybe you have sub-lists of people who want to improve certain aspects of their game, or they’re interested in the clothing, or they want to deal with their mindset during playing, and so forth. If you can identify these super-niches within your niche and then create content just for them, you’ll get more people to sign up because these things speak directly to your audience.

What Is the Goal of the Content?

When you create either public content or free content for download only for list building, it’s imperative that you know what the goal of the content is outside of wanting to build your list. What do you want the person who consumes the content to do after they finish with it? It helps to understand the consumer’s buying cycle so that you can deliver just the right content at the right time, to accomplish the exact goal you want to accomplish.

How Did They Find You?

Knowing where your traffic is coming from is important too. If you wrote a guest blog on someone’s blog, your link in your profile should go to special content for just the people reading that content. That’s going to help make the content more targeted, plus enable you to get more specific because you know who you’re creating the content for.

Is the Content Actionable?

One good thing about list building content is that if it’s something they’re downloading, such as a freebie or lead magnet, then that content should be actionable by the downloader. It should be easy to use and act upon to be super-useful as a lead magnet.

Can You Easily Create Follow-Up Emails?

When you offer a freebie to your audience, you should be able to easily create at least seven to ten emails to follow up and offer your next product to them. If you are having issues creating those emails, you may not yet be clear on the advantages to your audience for getting that freebie, nor where to lead them next. Get clear on those aspects so you can create follow-up emails. The reason is that if you can maintain active subscribers, your return on investment will be closer to that 38 dollars per $1 spent that the average email marketer earns.

The main thing to remember is that every piece of content you create – whether free or paid – needs to work together. Your content that pulls people onto your website works to put people onto your email list. Your email list then works to send people to your paid offerings and other content that you’ve created. It all works in unison.

List Building Content: What Format Works Best to Attract Subscribers?
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