If you’re creating content that you believe is interesting and of value, however no one seems to be reading it and sharing it, you have most likely asked yourself what is the point? If each post, tweet, video, pin and share that you work on doesn’t produce the results you expect, then it’s possible that what the information you are creating is simply not valuable or has no real purpose with the audience you have attracted, if you have one. To change that, start looking at content marketing differently by only putting out valuable information that has a point and a reason for existing… there are no short-cuts to successful content marketing so hunker down and start to really create valuable content.

Benefits over Features

This applies to the content you create as well as the products you make and how you sell them. Ensure that by just looking at the title or headline you choose to use, anyone who sees it knows exactly what they are going to learn in the content you’ve shared with them. If a title doesn’t work, change it and test that out … until you find one that works.

Stick to the Tried and True

You may want to be creative and clever but sometimes that just doesn’t work. People love lists, how to’s and that type of thing, whether it’s an article, a blog post, or a video. You may think that it’s boring and old but these are the things that get watched, read, and shared more than anything else. Always remember it isn’t your opinion that counts, it is your audiences’ opinion that dictates the content you need to create.

Back Up Your Opinions

Everyone can and should have an opinion, but there is only one set of facts to back it up. Use facts to back up anything you say that’s your opinion especially if its controversial and you’ll soon become a very well respected go-to person for advice on your topic. As an added benefit, people are more likely to share factual information.

Create for Your Audience

It’s easy to get tied up in worrying about search engines but the truth is, algorithms change constantly and you can waste so much time chasing mythical search engine listings. It’s simply too hard to keep up, but, it’s not hard to keep up if you are creating content that is valuable for your audience. This content is exactly what the search engines like and as an added benefit if you promote it via your social media platforms, you’ll soon generate more traffic from these sources than you ever did from the search engines. Always put your audience above any other factor when creating content for them and you will always be rewarded.

Keep It Super Simple (KISS)

People are naturally lazy and always looking for shortcuts. If you can pique this desire to be lazy in your headlines and in your solutions, by making everything easy and telling them it’s easy, you’ll be more likely to get other people to share and like your content. Think about the cooking videos that condense down the work it takes to make something to less than one minute. People share them like crazy. They may never make that recipe, because of course it’s harder than it looks. But they love believing it’s that simple.

Use Emotions

If you can pull at people’s emotions, whether it’s the fear of loss or the feeling of empowerment, you can get them to act faster. In this case it helps to know your audience so that you can develop content that speaks to their emotions in a way that resonates and stirs up a desire to act.

If you can combine these tips, you’ll create content that is a lot more likable and sharable. Just remember that you need to put your audience first, appeal to their emotions, and make them curious enough to keep looking. Then you can inspire them to take action and then your content marketing will truly start to take off.

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