As a business owner that owns a website, do you think it is more important to keep your website visitors interested in what you have to say or doesn’t it matter as long as you attract them in the first place? Attracting new visitors is important if you want to gain an audience, however if you want to grow an audience you also need to keep them interested. In fact if you look at your Google Analytics and notice that your unique visitors are dropping off, your bounce rate is high or that sales haven’t increased it could be due to your content.

What Is Content?

Why do people use the Internet? One of the main reasons they use it, is to find information that interests them, knowledge after all is power and that is what the Internet is all about, people will go where they can to find it, and hopefully, that direction will include people going towards your website.

Even if content isn’t necessarily your product, your audience (readers) will stall want to know about the latest developments in your niche. For instance, if you are a swimming pool company, articles related to common installation, maintenance and care, as well as what to do when things go wrong might prove to be of interest to your audience, don’t you think? It can actually make the difference between having a successful business that people choose to buy from and your audience going elsewhere and buying someone else’s products..

But, what is content? It is the articles and blog posts that populate your website. This is the information that draws people in, when your audience put certain words into search engines such as Google or Bing, it is your content or tagged images that pop up on the results pages.

Five Ways Your Content Could Be Driving People Away

So, is it enough to just have content of some sort on your website? In a word: no. It could be detrimental to you if not done properly.

Stagnant Content

When someone visits your website the first time, everything they see is fresh and new to them, however if exactly the same content is presented to them the second and third time they visit, they will soon find somewhere new to go that offers a new batch of content and articles on a regular basis.

Poorly Presented Content

When posting anything, preview it first and check to see that the formatting of the content is the best it can be. If it is hard to read because words are going every which way, they will give up right away and move to the next choice on the list of search results. Try to make your content scannable as people read by scanning a page until they find something of interest and never ever capitalize a whole sentence or title, as this makes it harder for people to scan.

Poorly Quality Content

It is true that the eyes often gloss over some misspellings because the brain instinctively knows what the words are. But, a piece that is riddled with poor grammar or poor misspellings takes longer to decipher and is often not worth the effort.

Fluff Pieces

Have you ever read an article that said a whole lot without saying anything at all? This is fluff, the title boasts information that is not found in the actual article. Your audience goes away unsatisfied and with a less than favorable impression of your business. If you take the time to write an article, say something that will engage your audience and never be afraid of sharing your opinion, because even if people don’t agree with you, you will have captured their interest and attention.

Unreliable Content

The purpose of content is to inform and educate, if your article lists last year’s statistics or fashion trends, your audience will eventually find a website that contains more up to date information. This also presents you with an opportunity, should your website contain lots of old articles you can easily update these and republish them.

Content is still king on the internet. Is your content holding court?

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Is Your Website Content Driving People Away
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