In an effort to complete work such as blog posts, special reports and more, it is easy to rush to the end, only to discover you’ve left out something important. How can you tell if your content is really complete? What follows are a few suggestions.

1. Keywords

Ensure you use at least two or three keywords or keyphrases related to your niche whenever you create content. Include one keyword in the headline. In terms of keyword density within the article, aim for no more than 3%; that is, the word will be used a maximum of three times per hundred words. This will be more natural writing and not incur a search engine penalty for “keyword stuffing”.

2. Media

Words on a page are great, but these days, readers tend to want more.


A high-quality image that supports the content in some way will always be useful. Use free sites like Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay to find good images. Check the license terms, such as a link back to the site as a credit for the content.


Audio files can be a handy way to offer useful information without having to type it all up and worry about people stealing your best content.

Add audio to your article and see how compelling your content can become.


Video is hugely popular these days. If a picture can tell a thousand words, video can be worth an astronomical amount. You don’t have to appear in front of the camera either. Use your best PowerPoint presentations as the foundation for a compelling video that will really enhance your blog post.


These could be tables, charts, infographics and more. They can add to the data and make it easier for readers to understand.

3. A Great Headline

Don’t skimp on your headlines. They are the main reason someone will actually take the time to read your article. You might find it helpful to write the headline once you are done with the article, so you can entice readers with what to expect.

4. An Excellent Opening Paragraph

Studies have shown that 100% of people read headlines, but only 70% will read the first paragraphs of the article, and only 50% will ever read the second paragraph. This being the case, you need to perfect the art of writing excellent opening paragraphs that will draw the reader in.

5. A Proper Conclusion

A lot of writers seem to run out of steam by the time they reach the end of their article. However, the conclusion can often be the most important part of the article. It should summarize what has been discussed and learned. This makes them feel they have been on an educational journey, and not wasted their time.

6. A Great Call to Action

An article should also usually include a call to action: what do you want people to do now that they have read the information? Buy now, click to learn more, try the technique for themselves and see how they can boost their business, and so on.

7. Well-Constructed Writing

Take time over your editing to make sure everything is clear and nothing has been left out. In particular, don’t force readers to have to search outside your article to find what they need to know. Include URLs, definitions of special terms, and so on.

8. Proofread Your Work Carefully

Proofreading your work can ensure you don’t leave anything out. Even one missing letter can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Consider getting an editor, proofreader, or reader to help you avoid leaving out anything important.

Follow these eight simple tips and you should be able to produce compelling and complete content every time.

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