The simple answer is yes good content important to your business, in fact its perhaps the simple most important thing. Quality content provides a number of benefits, each one important to your overall success. You’ve probably heard the saying that says that there are no shortcuts to success. Well, the same hold true for content.

Since the content you place on your website directly affects the success of your online marketing efforts, it can safely be said that there are no shortcuts to online success when it comes to content. Good content is really that important.

Content is nothing more that information, people come online for one of two reasons to solve a problem or to be entertained, the content you create needs to fit within one of these areas. It can be words, pictures, graphics or videos.

No matter what form it takes, content communicates a message to your target audience and just like any form of communication, content can be sleek and succinct or it can be confused and garbled. The thing that most people miss when it comes to content is that it is a form of communication, first and foremost. After all, why do you have a web presence if you don’t want to communicate in the best way possible with your target audience?

It makes no sense whatsoever to take the time and spend the money required to put up a website, and then not take the steps to communicate with the audience who find it, in the most persuasive way possible.

The problem is that when it comes to online business be it eCommerce or not, most people are just plain lazy. They have somehow developed a disconnect between the rules of the real world and the online world. They have assumed that all the rules of politeness, hosting, communication and marketing do not apply online. They have decided that because they are online they don’t have to engage, entice and ensnare their customer base.

They, wrongly, think that online marketing is all about easy money, where customers can be ignored, devalued and exploited and a profit can still be made. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just consider how many business websites, sit there with old stale content that is never updated and you can see this for yourself.

If you are marketing online, the very first rule is to treat your online business as you would treat you real world business and to work just as hard at it. There is no difference between what your online customers expect and what your physical customers expect. After all, no matter how they find you, each and every one of your customers is a living breathing person who expects a certain level of conduct when purchasing from you. The secret to success is meeting, not ignoring, these expectations.

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I've been designing and marketing websites and businesses for over 24 years and prior to this I worked in sales, marketing and big business for almost 18 years... which makes me not only old, but also highly experienced at this marketing and Internet stuff.  I've won lots of awards and helped thousands of people, and this website is a testament to the information I share freely to help others succeed online.

When I'm not designing websites, doing this online marketing stuff or writing. I love nothing more than getting out on a weekend and scuba diving. I'm a qualified rescue diver and love getting wet in the waters around Perth and Rottenest Island. I also cycle, which must be a sight as I'm not the thinnest of people (lol)... and a paddle on a kayak or a swim helps makes most weeks, perfect. At home I have a marine reef tank, which I just love and on top of that I've an awesome dog, called Ziggy.

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A discussion about your requirements is completely free of charge.

Solutions are tailored to meet your budget and success goals as much as possible, and websites have been delivered costing just a few hundreds dollars a month or for one of payments of a few thousand... it all comes down to our discussions, if you want a website that generates millions of dollars in sales your budget will obviously be bigger, if you're a small business then your goals and costs will be more realistic, at least to start with.

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