Why Marketers Today Prefer Inbound Marketing

If you think about it there are just two basic types of marketing, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The focus of each is completely different and each involves different techniques.

Outbound or Traditional Marketing.

Outbound marketing can be thought of as the more traditional marketing techniques businesses employed before the Internet existed. It involves getting your marketing messages to the largest number of people possible through the use of advertising, cold calling, direct mail and other aggressive techniques. It is called outbound marketing because the nature of the marketing is to go out and look for customers.

Inbound or Content Marketing

Inbound marketing which is more often than not referred to as content marketing is a much more subtle form of marketing. Your aim is to create content that attracts people to your website, who come because of a common interest or because they want to learn more. Inbound marketing works the exact opposite of outbound marketing in that it empowers your potential customers to easily find you and to want to work with you.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons businesses prefer inbound marketing to outbound marketing.

The Price of Inbound vs. Outbound

Outbound marketing is often expensive, it often involves printing and mailing of materials or the spreading of your message through television, radio, newspaper of other media advertising channels. The cost of outbound marketing can put it out of reach for many small businesses.

Inbound marketing is relatively cheap or free and anyone can do it, let me repeat that anyone can do inbound or content marketing it doesn’t matter how large or small your business is. All you basically need is a blog attached to your website, you then create engaging content that attracts prospects to you. You do most of the work yourself, upfront building up your content and working on your traffic strategy rather than the continual daily work of outbound marketing.

People Tune out

Outbound marketing is the act of putting your message in front of people whether they want to see it or not. As a result, its techniques are often intrusive and very annoying. People have begun to tune it out. Just think of all the junk mail you throw away on a daily basis. It’s estimated that over 50% of all direct mail is never opened. We have caller ID, spam filters, no-call lists and other ways to ignore marketing that comes to us. Not to mention television advertising that simply isn’t as effective as it once was because people have become blind to it and its effects.

Inbound marketing is much more natural and customer focused. You put your messages in front of your target market and they’re compelled by their own curiosity and interest to seek you out and learn what you have to offer.

Two-Way Communication

One massive advantage of inbound marketing is that it’s a form of two-way communication, your audience interacts with you in a dialog often on a daily basis. You’ll find they leave comments on your blog, post on your social media channels and that they share your information with their friends. When they participate, they become invested and engaged. People want to be in control of the information they get and this makes them, more receptive to your message.

Marketing for Non-Marketers

One of the reasons anybody can do inbound marketing is that it doesn’t feel like marketing. To market traditionally through direct mail or cold calling takes a certain amount of aggressiveness and sales and closing skills. Not many people can do this, effectively.

With inbound marketing, you provide valuable content that helps people and they come to you. It’s not “selling” in the traditional sense, in fact it’s more educational. So it’s more appealing to those who hate the image of the pushy sales people and feel uncomfortable pushing their message at prospects.

The Downside of Inbound Marketing

The only real downside of inbound marketing is that there are so many things to learn and that it takes time before it becomes really effective, it’s definitely not a quick fix.

While methods used in direct marketing are proven and established, inbound marketing is largely new to many businesses and constantly changing. You have to invest time into learning how to create the right sort of content in the right way to attract your audience to you, on top of this you need to learn how to use call to action techniques to get your audience to do something.

Inbound marketing works, it’s proven to work and to keep on working in fact over time it becomes more and more effective. I’m ranked within the Top Ten Content Marketing Influencers in the world, today and I generate thousands of visitors to websites each day, utilizing proven content marketing techniques, not the stuff you learn reading books but by being a pioneer in this industry and learning techniques and tricks of my own that I’ve replicated time and time again and so that I know works.

All of the information on this website is shared to help you to learn the exact same techniques that I use, so get involved learn what works and what doesn’t and start to really do business online.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing
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