The fact is, most marketing professionals agree that video marketing increases their return on investment (ROI). They believe this from looking at the stats. It’s clear that video is shared more, search engines favor video, and audiences love it. And there are many reasons why video marketing boosts your ROI.

People Often Retain Info from Videos Better

You want your audience to focus on your brand and remember what you teach them. For this reason, video is super-important to use because most people today would rather watch a quick video than try to read text. The main reason is that most people are consuming content on their mobile devices and text is hard to read. But the other reason that they may not even be fully aware of is the fact that they retain info from video easier than from text.

More People Share Video Than Text Articles

For much of the same reason that people are more likely to consume content in video form, they’re also more likely to share video on social media than they are to share a text-based article. When your video is shared by your audience, your reach grows faster than if you just share an article with an image.

More People Stick to Your Site Longer

You want your website to be “sticky” to your visitors. According to widely reported stats, stickiness increases eight times over sites without video. You can test it out on your own website by adding video to certain pages to find out if people stay longer on your site with the video as compared to without it.

More People Buy When Video Is on Your Site

If you want to improve conversions, add video to your site. Most stats report a 50% to 75% increase in buyers when video is added. It may take you some time to figure out the type of video you need to add to get those conversions but shoot for that percentage, keep improving and keep trying different video styles to reach your goals.

Get More Qualified Leads with Video

When you pick just the right type of video for your customer depending on where they are in your buying cycle, it will increase your return on investment exponentially – increasing your qualified leads by up to 66 percent.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Because video will increase views, shares, stickiness and more, your brand awareness will also skyrocket. Some marketers report a more than 50% increase in brand awareness among their target audience based on implementing a video marketing plan. This is according to the Aberdeen Group which studied the effects of video on ROI.

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B2B and Consumers Love Video

These stats aren’t just for B2B marketers but also for B2C marketers. Consumers love video just as much as people in business. Video is easy to consume and fun to watch, and more importantly more of the audience likes them more as time goes on. Millennials in particular have a high rate of trust for videos and are more likely to watch a video than reading text. Since the first millennials were born in 1990, that means there are now more millennials than other age groups in the marketplace.

Ask the Consumer

The truth is, according to most studies that have been done including from,,,,, and others, video outshines all other types of content for a higher return on investment in almost all cases. Therefore, it’s important to know your audience. If your audience can get fast internet on their mobile devices, video is in play.

Video marketing can boost your ROI. If you’re not sure what type of videos to create, make it simple. Start with your most popular blog post to date. Turn that content into video and repost it as new content. You can link to the post under the video to give them a choice. Watch your ROI explode as you add more video.

How Video Marketing Can Boost Your ROI
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