Content marketing works based on the principle of regularly creating content that engages, attracts and gives real value to your audience, this makes them want to read your content and they will seek it out. Further by continually providing value your content also helps convert your audience into customers because let’s face it, without the marketing part all we have is lots of content.

By adding lots and lots of content of this nature to your website, you will typically eventually show up in the search engine results for more and more “long-tail keywords (short sentences people search for), this happens once you can demonstrate to Google that you are writing for the user and delivering content that people want to read and that you deserve to be seen and this typically takes around six months or longer with most blogs taking over a year to become fully established.

Unfortunately though, many website owners, business owners, bloggers and even content marketers are stuck using old fashioned methodology when it comes to creating content and they are more interested in creating any old content for the reason of stuffing it with keywords to try and attract website visitors.

The problem with this approach is simple even if you do manage to attract visitors to your website and the chances are slim that you will, those visitors you do attract will simply leave within seconds. This can be checked by monitoring your bounce rate within Google Analytics, the higher your bounce rate the more people that are leaving. With great content you attract the right audience and your bounce rate will be much lower, to give you an example bounce rate is currently just 4.5% … which is extremely low.

From a content marketing perspective let’s have a look at what you need to do in order to write high quality articles that stand out, attract and get read and shared by your audience.

Forget SEO With Content Marketing

The first thing you need to do is to start creating content that you want to be seen, to attract and be read is to forget everything you know about SEO. In other words, don’t thing about keyword density, don’t think about optimal length, don’t think about anything but creating content for the user and writing it in such a way that it feels natural and creates the best, most rewarding reading experience for the reader.

This mind shift is extremely important because your main purpose becomes the need to fulfill the needs of your audience, this shift lifts your content above the pack and makes it much more engaging and shareable.

Link to Authoritative Resources

Back a few years, in the day so to say, everyone was afraid to link out to other websites in case they lost some of that “magical link juice” in the eyes of Google. Nowadays though, linking out to authoritative websites with “no follow” tags actually demonstrates that you have your audience’s best interests at heart and that you’ve done your research. Google understands and likes this, as do your audience.

Of course you shouldn’t link to somebody simply to have links, the links you do incorporate must be natural and always appropriate to the content and your audience. This means that the subject of your article must warrant links, for example if you’re writing about scientific studies for instance, then linking to the abstract is a great way to gain publicity.

Be Yourself And Content Marketing Activates Entertaining

You shouldn’t try and be anything but yourself, don’t use longer words than you would normally just to try and impress… in fact simply write as if you are talking as this conversational style of writing will engage your audience. Make sure your content is entertaining and your headlines grab your audience’s attention and by simply writing lots of content about your niche, you’ll soon be perceived as an industry expert.

Break Up Your Content

As with cooking, presentation is important for content marketing, people don’t read large blocks of text they scan articles in an “E” type pattern only stopping to read specific areas that capture their attention. Look at how this article is broken into segments with separate headings. This prevents it from looking dense and it ensures that your audience can quickly get the information they’re looking for.

How to Write Effective Content for Content Marketing
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