How to Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Content in Your Business

If you are into content marketing, eventually you’ll want to consider using private label rights (PLR) content in your articles at some point, because let’s face it, being able to buy content that you can use on a daily basis rather than writing content daily makes perfect sense, however to use this content in your content marketing activates you first need to learn how to use it.

Purchase Private Label Rights (PLR) From Trusted Sources

Imagine that you spend your time writing one, two or three articles daily and then some low life comes along and steals all of your content and packages it up, throws it on a website and sells it as private label rights (PLR) content. Now imagine buying this content and using it on your website and then imagine the impact this stolen content will have on your business, once it is found out. To avoid this buy only from trusted sources, those that are recommended to you and do your homework, search for information and complaints about them and check any testimonials they might have and by that I mean speak to the people giving the testimonials. As with most things in business if you do your homework at the start you can avoid a lot of pain later on.

Purchase Only Quality Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

How to Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Content in Your BusinessThis may sound obvious but read an article or two from the Private Label Right (PLR) Company before you purchase anything. Good PLR companies will have sample articles that you can view before you purchase anything. Ask yourself if this content is suitable for you, is it well written, would your target audience read it. If you’re still interested in the content, copy a paragraph and paste it within google to see who else is using this content, you’ll be surprised at some of the companies that do, if it is of good quality and from a trusted source.

Read the PLR License Agreement

Every seller of private label rights has their own individual rules and policies about how you can use their content. Be sure to read and understand it, because you may not be allowed to use the content in some of the ways you might be planning to. If you know up front what the rules are before you buy it, then you’ll have a good idea of how you’re going to use it before purchasing it.

Make the Private Label Content (PLR) Your Own

Many company purchase PLR content and simply add there name to it and use it as a quick search on Google will demonstrate. However to really maximise the benefit of PLR content within your content marketing strategy you want to insert your own personality, keywords and industry jargon to make it fit better with your area of expertise. Additionally reading through content you are often posting on your website, helps you to correct any issues you find but more importantly it stops you contradicting yourself, as you might have told them something differently in another article. Additionally it helps you with the search engines as you won’t be using what is classed as duplicate content.

Use Private Label Right Content in Your Newsletter

This is one of the best ways to use PLR especially if your newsletter is not posted online as you don’t have to worry about duplicate content and if the PLR rules allow it, you can pretty much leave the content intact. If you keep an archive of your newsletters online be sure to edit the content though, to make it your own and ideally you want to make it at least fifty to sixty percent unique.

Produce an eBook

As long as you’re not planning to sell your new book on Kindle or similar places, then private label right (PLR) is an easy and great way to help you write your first or tenth eBook. You can combine your favourite articles and bundle them together to create an eBook. Depending upon your license arrangement you may even be able to sell these eBooks and recoup the initial cost of the PLR content. Either way it helps demonstrate to your audience that you are an authority on your chosen content.

Produce an Online Course with Private Label Right Content

If the content you purchase includes a “how to” or list it can be make into an online course, this can be delivered through a website, via video or you might even want to run a webinar on the subject and answer questions at the end. The content can also be fed into an auto-responder system or similar and then dripped to your readers, slowly helping them to learn something new.

Combine Private Label Right Content with Original Content

This is my favourite way to use PLR, you use PLR to get you started and to provide much of the research and then you combine this with content you’ve written yourself to create something totally new and completely original. Combining lots of different formats together can also make your content more appealing, effective and interesting.

By using PLR in all of these different ways and even just knowing how it can be used, you can keep your content up-to-date, regular and informative, much easier than if you do it all yourself. What’s more, just reading and rewriting PLR content can help you develop new ideas, it will certainly educate you and keep you on your top game and this will feed through to the content you create and the business your company does.

Question: How would you like to use PLR content, and have you considered it?

How to Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Content in Your Business
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