One of the joys of scaling content creation is that it enables you to get the most out of the content they you create. Plus it allows you to compliment this with other people’s content to bring to your audience a plethora of content that adds value to them and helps them to move along your sales funnel.

Using Curated Content

Simply collect content that you believe your target audience will be interested in, as well as content directly about your brand that you did not author. Include content about your niche, and not your brand directly, and other topics you feel that your target audience will find educational, useful, and valuable. Just don’t make the mistake I see many others doing, in using curated content and expecting to reap the rewards, it only works if you use it to complement your own original content.

Share curated content

Be sure to share this curated content as heavily as you do your own original content in order to keep your audience engaged and informed. The great thing about curated content is that it enables you to participate in discussions across the web, it encourages other authors to take note of you and it allows you to impress your audience.

Know your niche

To properly curate content it’s important that you understand your own brand and niche enough to choose the right content to curate. Plus, it’s important to always give the right attributions and credit to the original author. Never post the content to your website. Post a small blurb, your thoughts and point of view about the content and a link to the original source.

Repost Original Content

It costs a lot of money, time and effort to create good quality content for your niche. You need content for everything, and every platform and every form, and you need it on a regular basis. If you’re not repurposing and reusing some of your content, you’re not getting the most out of your investment.

Share more than once

Sharing new content on social media needs to be done more than once to ensure it gets maximum views. With the way social media works, on a feed system it is likely only a very small percentage of your followers, or likes, will see the share more than once, or even once. Share each new addition to your content at multiple times a day, with Twitter I use a rolling program which takes the last 180 posts I have made and shares one of them at random every thirty minutes or so and as I produce content each day, this means that new content is constantly being shared multiple times.

Use older content

Alternatively, if an old piece of content continues to engage and answer questions, then go ahead and share it again, even if it’s months old. It’s also okay to update the content first to be more relevant if any part of the original piece is out of date, in fact this is a common repurposing tactic. As long as the content is relevant, original, and makes sense at the time you share, share away.

Use Multiple Platforms

You probably an active member of many different online communities and networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook groups, forums, LinkedIn groups and so forth. Make sure to take advantage of this fact and while it’s true that some of the audience will be the same on each network, if you find a fresh way to share the same content throughout all of these platforms then you can share the same content.

Edit for network personality

The important thing to with different social media platforms is to be sure to craft each message a little differently for each network. For example, you might want to share the content in a more visual way on Pinterest than you do on Facebook. Each network also has a different personality, so make sure the content fits the personality of that network for best results. For instance a Facebook post wouldn’t necessarily suit LinkedIn, give this some thought when working out what to share on each platform.

Use different formats

This is repurposing content which you should already be doing, a blog post becomes a slide share, becomes a video, and becomes a podcast for iTunes. It really is that simple to reuse your content. After all, the format doesn’t change the research you’ve already done it’s just presented differently. You’re just changing the format and sometimes the mood of the research to engage your audience on different levels.

A lot of work goes into creating the content that you use to market your business, you may as well get the most out of it by repurposing it for multiple channels.

How to Scale Content Creation
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