One of the best way to improve your perceived value in the eyes of your customers is to become an expert. Positioning yourself as an expert requires skill, knowledge and perseverance. If you don’t have those things right now, you can develop them as you move forward in your quest to position yourself as an expert. Just don’t worry if you’re not there yet; you can get there.

Determine Who Your Audience Is

Knowing who your best customers are, the people you want to work with and help is very important, because you will be able to create better services, products, information and education for them if you know who they are. Similarly if you don’t know who they are, how are you going to know how to speak to them so that it really connects and engages, knowing who your audience is, is the key to success?

Decide upon a Niche

Once you know who your audience are, you can narrow down your focus to one problem your audience has. This is your niche. If you can solve a major problem that your audience has, you’re a star … and of course the larger the niche the bigger the star you become.

Develop Your Brand

Once you figure out who your audience is, and what your niche is. You can then start to develop your brand. Is the brand going to be you, your company, or is the brand going to be the solution? One will always require your presence, and the others might be more easily salable. The decision as they say is up to you.

Get a Great Website

You can’t present yourself as any sort of credible expert if your website looks amateurish. If for no other reason than people check people out online, and that means they will visit your website to check you out. Your website needs to be professional, and unless your expertise is web design it’s not likely you can do this yourself, so hire a professional. The words on the website, the design of the website, the images used, all need to be created so that they give the right impression and more importantly meet the needs and expectations of your audience.

Set Up Your Social Media Profiles

As you brand yourself, you’ll need to set up each of your social media profiles so that your brand works throughout the internet. While each social media site has its own personality, yours should show through and people should be able to easily identify you and your brand no matter what platform they are on.

Start Blogging and Getting Your Ideas Out There

Even as your website is being perfected and it does include a blog doesn’t it? Start to blog as soon as you can to show your expertise, when you first start writing your blog will have very little if any readers but as you write more and more, month on month so your visitor numbers slowly grow. Write your blogs directly to your audience to educate them about their problems, worries and concerns and showing how your product solves these issues.

Create Videos

Creating “how to” and informational videos and posting them on YouTube is a great way to position yourself as more of an expert.

Write eBooks

As you gather more and more material, you’ll eventually have enough to put together an eBook without too much additional work, i.e. group together ten or more related blog posts and you have an eBook.

Publish on Kindle

You can publish your book and sell it via Kindle free. It’s a great way to get new customers and to increase your exposure.

Consider Publishing a Paper Book

Once you’ve successfully published a Kindle book, you might want to take it a step further as you get a large following and publish a paper book. You can do this with print on demand via and Amazon.

Go to Live and Online Events

Networking at live and online events will help you get used to the idea of being at these events so that eventually you can present at them. It will also help you build relationships, get to know other influencers as well as getting you used to the technology.

Present at Live and Online Events

With your books you have a platform for your message, and you can now take that and speak at live events, both online and offline.

Get Active on Social Media

Don’t just set up social media profiles and let it sit there. You need to get involved, to participate, share your knowledge and connect with others so you can build relationships. Relationships are the key to being an expert, so use social media to build as many relationships with your audience as possible.

Get on a Speaker’s List or Two

Contact different groups and offer speaking services to them. Create a “media sheet” with the information about the types of talks you give and are available for.

Keep Going, and going and going …

This is perhaps the key to everything, don’t stop; keep going. Each thing that you do will build on the next thing, and before you know it you’re positioned as an expert and all sorts of opportunities present themselves.

Becoming an expert is a process, it takes hard work to be recognized as an expert but anyone can achieve it. When you first start out, you will feel as if you’ll never make it, but everything you do builds on the next last thing and eventually it will all just snowball to true success. Once it happens, part of you will feel as if it happened overnight, but in truth everything you did above built on the next thing and finally people started seeing you as you want them to, as an expert.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert
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