Blogging is a dream job for many. Write a couple of pages of text, from a sandy beach in some sort of romantic fantasy to the sound of ocean waves and sit back, soak up the sun and watch the cash come pouring in. The trouble is there are lots of bloggers out there who aren’t making anything, that spend their time creating blog post after blog post and wondering what those bloggers who are making money are doing differently. The main difference between the two, is that one understands their audience and has found products and/or services that they could promote that solved problems and provided solutions to their audience; the other group of bloggers hasn’t.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience, must be one of the most used phrases in marketing. It’s a simple fact that without knowing who your audience are, their problems and enough about them to create products and services that they want, you will never make money blogging. If you prefer not to create products or services then your niche has to be broad enough to attract lots of website visitors, so that they will click on advertisements from other people such as affiliate programs and AdSense, but narrow enough that you know what you are writing about.

The Money is in the List

If you’ve ever surfed and checked out the best blogs, those that are making money you will notice that all of them encourage you to sign up to their email list for updates and to their newsletter. As a blogger you need to follow suite and start building your subscriber base. There are lots of service providers such as and and most of these come complete with a plugin for easy code insertion in WordPress, and if you aren’t using WordPress they will give you the code to insert into your website. You often see websites offering a free eBook or other gift to encourage people to sign up, I know that I do, oh and let me say that pop-ups work again that is why I use one, which is something you might want to consider.

As your list builds you will be able to promote and recommend products and services to them, one-on-one in an automated manner and everyone that buys in will generate revenue for you, either as the seller of the products or via an affiliate commission.

Product Creation

Most bloggers that write lots have ideas for information type products that they could create and promote to their audience with the simplest being something like a collection of blog posts put together to make an eBook or eReport. If you have ideas and are unsure, it’s paramount that you find yourself a business coach who is adept at helping people monetize their blogs. As with everything, it’s knowing who your audience is, that determines the products you can offer, with some niches being easier to figure out than others.

Your product doesn’t even have to be new and most definitely not revolutionary. It just has to be different and it needs to solve a problem that you know your audience has. It’s then a simple matter of promoting it, to your audience and making them an offer they can’t refuse.

Your product doesn’t have to be new; it just has to be different. It needs to solve a problem that your audience has and be presented to them in a way that they can’t refuse.

For instance take this website, it’s about online marketing predominantly so I could create a book based on any of the main categories. Take content marketing as an example because I know my audience is interested in this and my knowledge solves their problems. I know there are lots of books about content marketing, but there is nothing else like my book, because mine is by me and I am unique. I have my own perspective, my own opinion and my own experiences to offer to you, my audience and no one else can offer this. You should therefore cast aside those negative nellies and get on your way, no matter what niche you are in.

Promote Other People’s Products

One of the easiest ways to make money blogging is to recommend and promote other people’s products and services. This works especially well if you know your niche and I mean you know your niche and have a reasonable amount of website visitors.

I know it’s tempting to want to offer more and more products, but in this case less is more. Find just a few good products that you have actually tried and used, that you trust, that you know work and then simply promote them.

One of the best ways to find products is to simply look at what you’ve already purchased, what you are already using its then just a matter of finding out if they have an affiliate program. If they don’t ask if they will create one so that you can promote their products, you never know they might just. And if they don’t they might also decide to purchase advertising space on your blog. This can even come in a personalized advertorial that you write for your blog, or even a YouTube video that you create demonstrating how you use the product. Successfully promoting other peoples products is a really great way to earn money from your blog and best of all you don’t have any of the order fulfillment headaches.

It’s then just a matter of ensuring you maximize your blog opportunities to create multiple income streams. You do this through a combination of advertising, product placement and your own products and services. Once you have done this all you need to do, is to continue to engage your audience by blogging regularly so that you blogs website traffic continues to grow, your mailing list will grow and this will go far in helping you to earn money blogging.

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