Knowing how to get the most out of your content, or how to scale it, is something every small business owner and content marketeer needs to understand. There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much information that can be out there at any one time. If you don’t know how to scale the content that you produce, content I might add that costs you time, money and resources to produce, then you will fail to maximize your opportunities.

Curate Compelling Content

Researching and finding content that your target audience will find valuable outside of your own content is an important component of becoming a thought leader and inserting yourself into the conversation. Try to plan in advance to find the right content that relates to the information that you’ve created for the day, week or month ahead. Share your thoughts on the curated content that you share, and link to the original source.

Use Lots of Original Content

I often advise people not to use more than fifty percent of curated content with the other fifty percent being made up of their own original content, however in an ideal world you should produce more like eighty percent of the content you share with your audience (80/20 rule). To craft content that engages your audience you need to always research your audience and know them and their pain points. Remember that while an audience may not change, e.g. “Housewives with children under 2 who stay at home.” You wouldn’t create content for the wife and mother who stays home with her young children nowadays that has any real similarities to content that you may have created back in 1950, this means that your audience’s needs, expectations, etc., change and it’s your job to stay at the forefront of this trend.

Craft Engaging Social Media Content

Remember that each social media platform has its own personality and ways of doing things. You need to make sure the content you share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., matches this personality for example you often see posts on Facebook you wouldn’t want to post to your professional LinkedIn account. You can edit and change content to make it fit the needs of each social media platform. Share older evergreen content when it relates to a discussion you find social media as a possible answer. Also, don’t be afraid to share everything more than once on the same social media, this is especially true of Twitter. The people who are online right now will not be the people online later on, so share away.

Become Great at Repurposing Your Content

When you repurpose content, do not just copy and paste it into new formats, try to really change the personality of the content by using the original content as research and reworking it, so that it’s practically a new piece of content in a different format. You don’t want it to look the same old same old; you want it to look and feel new. All content should be housed on your own website, so by making it new you avoid issues of duplicate content, and maintain the originality of the content. Cross-link to all your content as needed to tie it all together and to give your website an SEO and authority boost.

Tell Your Story

The best way to improve brand awareness is to find ways to tell your unique story. You’ll generate more leads, opportunities and make more conversions by getting close to your audience, and letting them get to know who you really are and what you stand for. Write a compelling story that puts your audience front and centre and never be afraid to share your opinion.

Plan in Advance

You know the saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail an old mentor of mine used to use this all of the time. When it comes to content, nothing could however could be truer, you need to decide how much content you want to create, what formats the content will take, and how much curated content you want to use. Additionally, you should aim to put it all in writing in the form of a publication calendar so that you can visually see how it all ties together and works with your sales funnel. Once you understand your sales funnel you should plan to provide content that engages your audience at all stages of the funnel, thus maximizing sales, this can only be done with advanced planning.

Promote Everything

Whether it’s original content you’ve created, curated content, or repurposed content, it’s important to promote and share it. Promote it via all the social media channels you are active in, utilize pay per click advertising, email marketing and affiliates. The more ways you can find to promote the content that you want your audience to see, the better conversions you’ll generate.

Get Help

All of this might seem like a lot of work, and it is. But, you don’t have to do it all yourself, you can get help. You could outsource some content creation to individuals and companies who produce the content based on your requirements, vision, voice, etc… all you have to do is have everything documented so that they know the feel of how you write and so that they can emulate it. You can be as hands on or off as you want as long as the content that is created and promoted fits your brand and goals.

Your target audience wants to be engaged with a continuous flow of information, and they want it in different formats and from different sources. You can offer them the best of all worlds by giving them the content you believe is valuable that other people create, and by providing them with your original content in many different forms for their use. Putting all that together in a cohesive form needs to be planned in advance to make it work seamlessly, but the rewards are tremendous.

How to Integrate Scaled Content Creation
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