When creating content for your blog, online products, services, and marketing materials it can be all too easy to become stale, boring, stuffy and out of touch with your audience, to the point that they you no longer engage them. If you keep in mind the needs of your audience first and then your goals, you will be able to overcome these common problems.

People Love Stories So Tell Your Story

Based on your customer’s perspective, tell your story with them in mind, you can speak to them from the voice of a customer yourself. After all, why did you create the products or services that you did? Did you do it because you needed them yourself? How did you discover the need for your product or service? Why you? Stay in the perspective of the customer during the story and they will relate to you much better.

Don’t Be Pretentious

Way too many people get stuck up when it comes to marketing, thinking they have to be clever with words to win over people, so instead of using jargon and “corporate” speak so to say, talk to your audience members as if they’re your equals and your friend. By doing so you will also be able to show your personality to them. While you do want to be an authority figure, and a teacher, you don’t want to appear as a know-it-all and especially a boring one.

Seek to Be Relevant

Stay up-to-date on your industry and what’s happening so that you can remain relevant and of interest. Don’t stick to the old ways of doing things when everyone else is doing something else, instead seek to be an early adapter and tell your audience about your experience. By paying attention you’ll always stay on top of your niche and be relevant to your audience.

Use Plain Language

Speak to your audience as if you’re talking to a good friend, write how you talk and not necessarily how you would if writing a book. There is no need to use bigger words than you would normally use. If it helps, you could get some voice to text software and dictate your blog posts and content into life. You can also try doing video blog posts if it helps you avoid using language that is unnatural to you, and if you repurpose these as written text you get two or more pieces of content.

Focus on Your Target Audience

No matter what you are writing, blogging, video blogging, and doing, it’s always supposed to be about your target audience. They want to know what’s in it for them, and you need to keep the focus on them and not on yourself. Instead of seeking to glamorize yourself and put yourself above them, put them on a pedestal and make it all about them at all times, they in turn will reward you.

Make Each Word Count

Once you finish writing a piece of content, edit it for extraneous words, (hmm is that one of those large words). Pare it down so that your writing is concise and to the point, if you can answer a question in four hundred words your piece of content should be 400 words long and not a word longer. Try writing shorter sentences instead of long-winded sentences. In addition, don’t make paragraphs too long and keep each blog post to one narrow focus with lots of sub-titles throughout as people scan more than read.

Keep One Voice across Channels

Regardless of which channel you’re promoting your content on, it’s important that you know what your voice is, in fact it’s a really good idea to have this written down so that anyone who produces content for you knows the voice to use. The tone, voice, and feeling of what you put out to the world should feel the same whether they read it on your blog or read it on LinkedIn you want that sort of uniformity.

Include Appropriate Quality Images

With any content, you can get your point across easier if you use good quality images. Sometimes a concept is just easier to express with an image and other times the image just helps set the mood and tone for the entire post. Personally speaking I would not push a piece of content anywhere within an appropriate image and this doesn’t mean you can use one you find on Google, it means you should purchase an appropriate image or use a copyright free one.

You can incorporate more of yourself, humor and personality into your content by remembering who your audience is and who you are. All you have to do is be yourself, while also delivering great content to your audience, your audience will then connect with you just like they do in real life and remember if you’re not getting the results you are expecting, just keep the above in mind and keep hitting that publish button.

How to Incorporate More Personality into Your Content
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