Almost anyone can participate in content marketing however to be successful you need to engage your audience and ensure your message is heard and understood. This involves communication, and this can be written, verbal and even non-verbal. With blogs we’re concerned with written communication, with a video blog we would be looking at verbal communication and also body language (non-verbal) and others cues and tips to help ensure your message gets across to the other person.

But the real secret to ensuring your message gets across to your audience is to understand that it’s your job as the message giver to deliver the message in a way that is understood by your target audience, because by doing so you will truly engage them. Here’s how to make sure that your message is heard.

Understand and Like Your Audience

How to Ensure Your Message Is HeardEven if you are part of your own target audience, it’s important to get out of your own way and conduct real target audience research to ensure that you know who they are, outside of your subjective experiences. Find out what they want, what they know, who they like, why they like who they like, what they need and the whys behind their needs. The more you know, the better you will be at creating messages that are heard by your target audience.

Let Your Audience Know What You Want

One of the most important parts of your message is your call to action (CTA), if you don’t know what the point of your message is, your audience can’t be expected to know either. Be very specific about your call to action within your message so that there is no misunderstanding.

Spell Out Ambiguous Terms

In order to get your audience on the on the same page as you, and to help further your message, be sure to spell out ambiguous terms within your content. Don’t assume that everyone understands what you’re saying, this is especially true when talking industry jargon as others might not understand. Instead, always fill in the gaps to ensure that your audience knows what you mean when you say a particular word.

Repeat Important Points

Remember those high school essays that you wrote, and the speeches that you gave? You likely remember, if you give it some thought, your teacher lecturing about the idea of repetition. You’ve heard it said to “tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you just told them”. This works especially well with harder to understand concepts and nothing quite engages an audience like this does.

Listen to Your Audience

Conduct a poll; ask questions; go where they go such as social media, forums, mastermind groups and so forth so that you can really listen to the needs of your audience. If your content on your blog expresses a true understanding of your audience’s needs, they’re more likely to understand and hear your message.

Be Honest and Open

In advertising there is a term called “puffery”; it means to exaggerate the effectiveness of a product or service to try to get across a particular message to the audience. While this practice is acceptable and legal in advertising, it’s better not to do this when it comes to content marketing and monetizing your blog. Instead, practice complete, straightforward honesty and just be open with people, it works an awful lot better as everyone has grown tired of all of the old advertising tricks and mixed messages.

Check Your Facts

Keep trust alive by double-checking any facts that you provide your audience. This is especially important if you hire a ghostwriter, or use PLR without knowing if you’re using a good source. It’s not that people purposely deliver the wrong information, but having a double check helps. This is simply good communication and a good journalistic practice that you should learn.

Write Like You Talk

Don’t try to put on airs when communicating with your audience, write like you talk, and if you do a video blog, just be yourself and people will like you. Whatever content you provide to your audience needs to represent who you are to the best of your ability and by being yourself, you’ll come across as sincere, open and honest.

You can be heard by being clear in your intentions and your words, while considering what the words mean to your audience as you deliver your message. Finally, it’s also important to ensure many eyes see your message by promoting your blog posts via ever possible channel. This website for instance is set up so that at 6:00 am each day a new piece of content is made live, this is also pushed to all of my social media channels, further every thirty minutes something is posted on Twitter, and follow me on Twitter you’ll know how successful I am there… and to top it off, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a newsletter is automatically generated and sent to our mailing list subscribers.

Does this all work, absolutely it does, this website receives in excess of 325,000 page views per month and attracts 25,000 unique visitors, well it did last month and as more content is added each month, this figure grows month on month, such is the power of a successful content marketing campaign.

How to Ensure Your Message Is Heard
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