A content marketing calendar is a must if you want to be effective with your content marketing efforts. A content calendar will help you plan out the content you need to create, it will help you publish content at the right time, on the right channel in order to promote the events, products, services and information that your target audience needs whist fulfilling your business objectives.

The main point of creating a content calendar for your content marketing efforts is to ensure that you, as well as those with whom you work, can all be on the same page in regards to the content creation process. This may include content for your blogs, social media platforms and everywhere else you may need content. It also helps you to understand how all of this content goes together to get the marketing results you want.

Identify the Topics You Need to Cover

Before you get started creating a calendar, you need to know what type of topics you need to cover. It’s important to identify a specific niche and then work from there.

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Understanding your audience is imperative if you want to succeed at content marketing. Understanding this will help you with content creation, because you will know what your audience needs to know about your niche in order to decide to make a purchase from you.

Determine What You Already Have in Terms of Content

Check the content inventory you already have, allowing you to update anything that needs updating, and practice good internal linking to bring attention to other content your audience might be interested in.

Make a List of the Products and Services You Want to Promote

What are the products and services you want to promote right now? From that list you should be able to create at least five to ten pieces of content for each product or service.

Know the Objective of Every Piece of Content

When you create a piece of content, you need to know why you are creating it, what is its purpose for existing. Is it to get newsletter subscribers? Is it to make a sale? Is it to educate your audience before pitching the product or service? Or just to educate?

Note Launch Dates for New Products, Events or Services

Within the calendar, note the launch dates of any new products or services that you plan to promote. This will enable you to work backwards in the calendar to push out content at the right time.

Make a Spreadsheet with Logical Headings

You’re going to want your spreadsheet to make sense and include logical headings like article title, assigned to, draft due date, objective, promotion, keywords, CTA and so forth. Leave a space for anything you want to track, including social media platforms and so forth.

Content Marketing Professionals Track Everything

Within your spreadsheet, leave a space for tracking the results of your content marketing efforts. This will enable you to easily see which content creates the best results.

As you can now see a content marketing calendar allows those serious about content marketing to really get to grips with their content creation cycle. Don’t feel overwhelmed even a simple calendar is better than nothing and you can always add to this as you go along, I personally use an editorial calendar within WordPress to allow me to understand my content creation needs, however this is pretty limited and should ideally be used with a spreadsheet allowing you to compile all of the other relevant information to really push your content marketing forward.

How to Develop a Content Marketing Calendar
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