When your particular target audience reads your blog posts you want them to think, “Wow this company knows what it is talking about.” This will after time, make your audience want to do business with you. They will want to share your content and tell all of their friends about you. Fortunately there are tried and tested ways to create wow worthy content for your blog that you should consider using if you want our blog to be truly successful.

Know Your Audience

I know you’ve heard myself and every other marketing expert tell you that you need to know your audience, but you also need to remember that your audience changes over time. You need to keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on social media to study your audience as they grow so that you can stay ahead of trends. A great example to look at is a company like Ivory Soap, which has been around for years and year. Their audience consists of the same demographics, but the morals and ideas of the demographic have changed a great deal over time.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

The more you know about your industry and niche, the more information you’ll have to share with your audience. By keeping abreast of industry happenings and trends you’ll become the go to person for the specialist information on the niche you’re involved with. Not on that, continual reading and studying your industry will also have the added benefit of making you better at doing what you do and it will show in the engagement your content has on your audience.

URL Structure and Tags Matter

Many bloggers underestimate the power of the right URL structure and the tags they use on their blog posts. These matters still matter, the best URL consists of a unique keyword-rich title and to demonstrate this, just look at this website and the way the URLs are constructed. The best tags consist of keywords within the content, don’t forget the tags on your images, and make everything counts in the world of SEO.

Know Your Numbers

Do you know which blog posts get the most views, which get the most shares and which ones always seem to get your audience to comment? If you don’t, you need to know, once you figure this out you can create more of this type of content that works and you can maximize the results these generate by promoting them harder.

Create Shareable Content

By creating more of the content your audiences wants, you will find that your audiences shares it much more often. It’s therefore in your best interest to make it as easy as possible for your audience to share, so incorporate those share buttons and check often that they are working correctly.

Link Internally

A great way to cause more impact and up the wow factor within your blog posts is to practice good linking practices by linking internally to other blog posts that relate to the current post your audience is reading, this not only helps the reader but also helps with SEO.

Understand How Keywords Work

There are many types of keywords, from short tail to long tail and everything in between. The more you can understand how keywords work and which keywords are important within your niche, the better you can use them within your blog posts to your obvious advantage.

Mix Up Your Content

Don’t skimp on using different forms of content such as video, images, infographics, text and more. Your blog will be much more dynamic and interesting to your audience with all types of content used. For example, some “how to” blogs might be best presented via video rather than a text only post.

Engage Your Readers

Don’t forget that the purpose of content marketing is not to simply create great content and tell awesome stories that is simply content creation. The marketing part of content marketing is getting your audience to do something so include strong call to actions, encourage comments and talk and have conversations with your audience, in other words show them you’re a real person and you’ll gain a lot more conversions than simply leaving it to chance.

Creating wow worthy content for your blog will come naturally the more you understand your niche, and how your audience engages with the internet. Practice also makes perfect, so once you understand what works, simply create more of that type of content and keep hitting that publish button. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, consider asking your audience to find out what types of content they prefer and what products and services they need most, you could do this with a poll or survey, just don’t leave things to chance and know those numbers because without knowing what works and what doesn’t you could be wasting a lot of time and energy.

How to Create Wow Worthy Content for Your Blog
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