Blogs and blog posts are one of the most effective tools for anyone involved in content marketing and knowing how to create highly effective blogs posts, is therefore an extremely important aspect of content marketing. To create really effective blog posts that really engage people, you need to understand who your target audience is, so that you can target every blog post to them. You also need to create a plan of action or content development plan for your blog posts, both individually and as a whole. For example, you might start with blog posts that contain generalities, moving toward specifics as your audience becomes more educated and informed.

Whilst this overview is important, let’s actually get down and dirty and look at what should be included in each blog post.

Blog Posts need a Great Title

The first things a potential visitor will often see even before they have visited your website is your blog post title, it’s therefore one of the most important aspects of any blog post. A blog post title should tell your audience what’s inside the blog post for them. This is why they’ll click through to read it, after all. People do not like being tricked, with click bait titles and will be indeed become more focused on the trickery than the actual post itself, if you’re not clear with your blog titles.

Your First Paragraph Needs To Capture Your Audiences Interest

After the title the first paragraph is extremely important in terms of successful blog posts. You only have a few seconds, or one or two sentences at the most, to capture your audience’s attention and to make them want to read more. This is where understanding your target audience becomes important as it helps you to create a compelling first sentence and first paragraph that captures your reader’s attention.

Share Your Personality

No one wants to read dry, boring blog posts stuffed with keywords that ultimately say very little and most definitely fail to engage. While it’s true you want to include keywords, these should be secondary to the story you weave for your audience. Sharing your personality inside of your blog posts, makes each blog post uniquely yours whilst also letting your audience know something of your own story and how you think, which in turn leads to better audience engagement.

Create an Informative Body Message

If you’ve planned out your post well, with an outline, you will be able to easily create the body message. The body message is the meat of the message that you want to deliver and it’s this segment that delivers your real message.

Provide a Conclusion

If you’re like me nothing is worse than reading something and then being left feeling like somethings missing, something is not said or unfinished. Always try and include some conclusions in your last paragraph that ties everything you have said together. Then ask your audience for feedback in the comments section. Ask them a question about the content and invite them to answer it, this leads to discussions and real audience interaction.

CTA – Call to Action

Always include within that last paragraph or directly under it, a specific and clear call to action (CTA). Do you want your audience to make comments, answer questions, to share, to buy? What do you want them to do? Tell them how and why to do, what it is you want them to do and you might be surprised how many people actually do.

Aside from these factors it’s also important to also be concerned with headings, bullets and plenty of white space. Audiences nowadays tend to scan articles, stopping only to read something that captures their attention. Your headings should ideally be keyword rich headings that make sense for what is about to be read by your audience. By using bolded headings, and larger text for headings, the headings will stand out better and be easy to scan. Using bulleted points helps ensure the same thing occurs. It just makes it easier for your audience to take in what is being said, as they want to read it. People read by “scanning” and a blog post with bullets, headings and plenty of white space makes it easier for them, whilst elevating your blog.

You can’t publish a blog post without images and try to always use relevant images. When using images try to always ensure you have the rights to use the images and don’t forget to fill out the “alt” information for the image. This doesn’t necessarily help with search engine results, but remember that some people who read your site cannot see or read images, and by having the alt information to describe the image they should be seeing, it will make the blog post that much more interesting to them.

Further, don’t lay aside grammar rules, it’s thankfully, okay if your grammar isn’t perfect. However, avoid serious issues that make it hard for the reader to understand or relate to your blog post. Finally, always include internal links that take the reader to other relevant information within your own website or blog as this will encourage your audience members to remain on your website longer and it will also aid search engine optimization.

By taking into account all of these factors in your blog posts, you’ll should be able to create effective blog posts every single time, if you have any tips of your own, suggestions, etc., please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

How to Create Really Effective Blog Posts
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