Interviews can do amazing things for your business and content marketing activities, they help you reach a whole new audience, and they boast your credibility and help build your authority. Interviews also provide a really useful form of content that will boast your engagement with your audience.

Deciding How to Conduct Your Interview

There are a number of different ways to conduct an interview, you could for instance send to your prospective interviewees a list of questions and simply have them respond in writing. You can then simply reprint the interview in its Q&A format. Adding in a few suitable pictures and a call to action and you have a great piece of useful content.

Interviews can be conducted in a number of ways. You can send your prospective interviewee a list of questions and have them respond in writing. You can then reprint the interview in its original Q&A format. Add a few pictures and a call to action and you have a nice piece of useful content.  If you interview more than one person, asking the same questions you can then repurpose this content so that each person interviewed forms one article, you can compile questions together so that one question answered by ten different people forms one article and of course you can combine them all together to form a larger article. Depending on the questions you ask and the number of people being interviewed this can generate multiple pieces of content.

You can also record the interview with video or just audio, this type of interview can then be delivered to your audience in digital format. You can also repurpose this content by having it transcribed so your audience have a choice of how the engage with your content. Some people will prefer to read, others like to watch videos and lots of people like to listen to audio (podcasts) often doing so while driving.

Preparing the Questions

No matter how you plan to format the conducted interviews, you’ll want to prepare your questions in advance. This will give your interviewee/s an opportunity to review the questions and prepare much more cohesive and valuable answers.

The questions you ask your interviewee/s should be well researched. Try and make sure you really understand who you are interviewing, what they have to offer, and who their own audience is. Don’t make the mistake I have made previous by doing this, it might be easier to not do the research but the person you are interviewing will know, by doing the research you’ll connect better not only with your audience but also with the interviewee. Additionally, make sure that the topic you’re covering and the potential answers will provide value to your own audience.

Also try and ask open ended questions as this will give the interviewee room to expand, because there’s not much room to elaborate on or derive value from yes/no type question.

The Interview Questions

Compile your questions together with an end goal in mind. For example, if you’re interviewing someone on how to train a dog you don’t start with the question about how to get them to jump through hoops or other advanced technique. You begin with the how the trainer approaches dog training or the tools they recommend. In short, you begin at the beginning and work toward your end goal.

Finally, if you are conducting the interview via video and/or audio then make sure the technology is working well beforehand. Test everything and be prepared in case something goes wrong. Always try to have a trial run to test the technology and to ensure you’re ready to roll when the schedule interview day arrives.

Interviews can be a fun and profitable way to create content for your blog or website. They help introduce fresh ideas to your audience. The content is also normally great for repurposing into many other pieces which makes it a really valuable asset in your content marketing arsenal.


How to Conduct an Interviews for Your Blog
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