Can you imagine having a blog on your website that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each month, maybe even hundreds of thousands as some do? Perhaps you’ve seriously considered this and then thought about creating all of that content and wondered what topics you can write about on your blog.

You know your blog has to be focused on your businesses niche, and coming up with content on a daily basis that appeals to this niches audience can seem almost impossible at times. But, the truth is, it’s as difficult as you first think if you plan ahead. You need to focus on your audience and your niche with each piece of content, and every piece of content needs a purpose for existing.

Prior to sharing how I come up with ideas I have already mentioned planning ahead, I use an editorial calendar which sits within WordPress. With this I write insert draft titles as I come up with ideas, this generally means that I am working days or on those rare occasions’ weeks in advance. I can also schedule posts to go out at specific times on specific days and the best thing is, I can look at my schedule and move posts around so that I can maximize the interest of my audience and ensure the content fits my sales funnel.

Let me share with you how I come up with ideas to write about.

Read and learn about Your Industry

I’m constantly learning about my industry, there is not one week that goes by that I haven’t learned something new, had something I knew reinforced or looked at things from a different perspective. By keeping up to day with what is happening in my industry niche, it gives me all sorts of ideas about what to write about.

Study the Competition

If you select a few of your heavy-weight competitors within your niche and then learn everything you can about them. Read their blog regularly, sign up to their newsletter, follow them on social media and read on a regular basis what they have to say about your niche. You will come up with ideas by reading this, in fact some of my best converting articles have been written simply be seeing what others are doing and knowing that what I do is better and then writing about how my solution solves my niches problems, pushing the advantages I have over my competitors.

Brainstorm Each Day

While you have a coffee take a few minutes and write down on a piece of paper or within a document on your computer, every idea for an article topic that comes to mind, it doesn’t matter how daft or great it sounds, simply write down everything you think of. The secret to doing this, is to relax and just to do it as fast as you can. This is actually based on an old writer’s blog technique of sitting down with a pen and just writing without ever taking the pen off the paper and without stopping.

Invite Guest Bloggers

There are an awful lot of industry experts out there and if you open your blog up to guest bloggers you might find that you attract other experts willing to write for your blog. Instead of this taking away for you, this will also enhance your standing with your audience. The secret is to establish rules typically on originality and uniqueness for guest bloggers.

Come Up with a New Angle

When reading what others are saying, or what you might have said in the past, it’s often possible to come at things from a new angle. For example perhaps you wrote “8 Reasons a Business Should Blog Daily”, you might then just pick one of these reasons and expand upon it.

Refresh Old Content

A post you wrote twelve months ago most likely needs to be updated, things change after all. However instead of updating the post why don’t you write a new post about it, link to the old post from the new post and vice versa. Just explain how the posts differ today and why and your audience will read both posts, so you get two bites at the cherry.

Sales and Customer Service

Spend ten minutes talking to the sales and customer service department asking them to tell you the questions and issues, customers are regularly asking them. This gives you lots of unique content ideas that are guaranteed to engage your target audience.

Ask Audience Members for Questions

Your audience are the perfect people to get content ideas from, a blog posts is the perfect place to highlight a reader’s question and answer them. You can then also add them to your frequently asked questions area if you wish for added content.

Use a Smartphone or Notepad for Inspiration

I know that I can be shopping, at a networking function or doing a hundred and one other things and all of a sudden I’ll think of something I could write about. I’ll overhear a conversation, a question, I’ll see poor customer service, there is often something happening that makes you think, I could use that as the basis of an article. If you have something with you that you can record this on, be it a smartphone, a notepad or something else you’ll never miss out on an opportunity, even if it’s just the inkling of an idea.

Consider the Minutia

I know I get carried away sometime with thinking of the big picture that I sometimes forget to take it down a level and to focus on the smaller details. For example the things beginners want to know, in order to come up with more blogging topics. Think of it like this, the big picture is your goal, the place you want to be in twelve months… the smaller details are the small goals that when joined up enable you to achieve the main goal, the big picture.

Change Formats

If you have written something you might consider recording a podcast or maybe even a video. If it’s a how to piece you could make it much more informational piece instead of just a how to. Switching up the format of a past blog post can help you create a new way to engage your audience.

Curate Other People’s Content

I have to be honest and mention that I wasn’t going to mention this as it is constantly abused. If you curate the same content as everyone else, all your audience sees is same old, same old and it’s boring and not at all engaging. If you want to curate other peoples content you need to share your own opinions and thoughts as you introduce the content, that way you are adding to the discussion and are adding value to your audiences’ experience.

When it comes to coming up with content on a regular basis for your blog, you cannot wait for or rely on inspiration. You need to keep records of ideas, develop a publication calendar based on the products and services that you want to promote and create a regular writing schedule. Believe it or not, a regular planned writing schedule will produce better work than just waiting around for motivation and believe me, if you plan ahead and follow the advice here it really isn’t all that hard. The hardest part in fact is starting.

The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to get your audience to do something and only when these come together, is this content marketing … Steve Cartwright

How to Come Up with Blog Topics
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