Learning how to add persuasion to your writing will make a huge difference to your business and to the content you create. This may seem a little unnatural to you, but if you think about it, pretty much anyone in any type of business must sometimes persuade others to act in some manner.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, speaker, actor, or sales professional, even if you’re a mom trying to get your children to do something, persuasive techniques can come in handy and that expresses itself very clearly in how effective persuasive copy is.

Know Your Audience

You can’t write copy with just the right words if you don’t know who your audience is. If you already have buyers, look at the information provided by your analytics software to ensure that you’re getting answers from the people you intended to target. In this way, you can find the language necessary to persuade them.

Understand Your Products and Services

When you’re writing copy for anything, it’s imperative that you understand the thing you’re trying to sell in addition to who you’re selling it to. This is going to help you identify the benefits of every solution you offer to your audience and explain it in a way that is persuasive.

Share the Facts

One of the most persuasive things you can use to get your audience on your side is to share the facts. Find reputable studies to back up your claims about a product. Ask your satisfied customers to offer up testimonials about how your product worked for them. These types of facts are important to show them the truth of your claims.

Tell Them Why

One great way to persuade is to build a story about your why, and then give them an answer to their why which can incite them to make a purchase. They’ll understand why you created the product and relate to how the product solves their problems and why that is what they need.

Ask Lots of Questions

Build a community of your audience to help you create material that they want. Then you can ask the questions to help you. On the copy, when you ask a question, answer it for them too. This can be designed as a FAQ which can be very persuasive.

Be Clear with Your Words

Don’t assume that people who land on your sales page know what the words you are using mean. Speak directly to them, explaining exactly what you want them to understand and the benefits of your product. Don’t speak down to them, and make sure that the words you use are persuasive and not insulting. For example, “No I don’t want more traffic” on a pop-up is not that much incentive or persuasion to answer that call to action. Instead, “Yes! I want more traffic!” is a much better CTA button text.

Address and Answer Objections

Everyone has objections, and you’ll need to get into the mind of your audience to know what they are. The sales page should in some way answer every objection that your audience may have, from “does it work?” to “what happens if I don’t like it?”. You need to reduce risk.

Give Incentives

A great way to incentivize your audience is to offer free bonus gifts, a 30-day money back guarantee, a free training video, and other items that will make your offering even more persuasive to the buyers.

Being more persuasive in your copy takes a little practice. Thankfully, with the technology readily available today there are lots of ways to test your copy to ensure that it is getting the results you want, for example try using A/B testing. With it you are sure to find just the right mix of persuasion to add to your copy.

How to Add More Persuasion to Your Copy
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