Persuasion is the act of convincing someone to take a desired action. For example, you might want your boss to give you a raise or a promotion, you might list all of the things you are good at, along with what you have accomplished for the company. Another example everyone should relate to would be wanting a child to clean their room, you might bribe them or even threaten them, although often a stern look to show you mean business is all that is needed.

As you can see different situations require you to use different persuasion techniques, and quite often you may not even be aware of the fact that you are trying to persuade someone, especially if it comes naturally to you. In the online world we find ourselves marking in, persuasion isn’t often as easy or natural. It is however possible to learn to persuade online, and this can have a major impact on your conversion rates leading to increased success and profits.

Let’s take a look at a few of the online areas where persuasion helps a business

Social Media

Whichever social media platform you choose to interact on, from a business perspective I would hope it isn’t always done just for satisfaction. Instead you should seek to generate some sort of action, maybe you want people to share your post, like it or comment on it, retweet something or even reply. Perhaps you want to boost your online credibility or increase your brands reach. Take ten minutes and analyse the language you use on your chosen social media platforms, are you persuasive?


Everyone loves a good infographic and they are often shared on social media platforms and within blog posts, oh and for the record a blog post with comments open is also a form of social media interaction. When creating images and infographics always focus on what you want to accomplish, which actually holds true for almost everything you do online. Choose the most appropriate voice and language that supports your goal and remember that simply asking people to do something is one of the simplest ways to persuade. For example, “Share this infographic with your friends and make them smile.”

Written Content

Almost everyone involved with online marketing and especially those that purport to offer content marketing services, know that written content must provide value to the target audience. However, the persuasive element, the call to action if you like is often forgotten and missing. And for the content marketing purest out there, great content will built authority and will often lead to new business however the results can be dramatically improved with the use of the correct persuasive techniques.

With your written content you can motivate your audience to read a related blog post, to share your content with others, to leave a comment or to click through to another website you recommend and of course the most popular to subscribe to your email list. All of these offer benefits to any business and can be accomplished, so when writing your content, think about what you want to accomplish and use the most appropriate language that supports your goals. Do however note, that this doesn’t mean you simply write sales letter after sales letter, the art of good content is that it educates and entertains your audiences and doesn’t seek to sell … leave that for your call to action.

Video and Audio Content

Most videos and audio content is informative in nature, and if you are like me you get invites to webinars daily. With just a few language shifts, facial expressions and a change of voice, such content can become extremely persuasive. You can easily achieve the same goals with this form of content as you can with written content, you just need to remain focused on your goals.

Sales Copy

Sales copy is, by its very nature persuasive, the whole aim of a sales piece is to incite some form of action, normally a purchase. Emotions, value, benefits and active language are all persuasion techniques that sales copywriters use to create powerful sales content.

Persuasion is a natural part of doing good business, understand and accepting this within your online actions will help you to build a better business, perhaps the one you desire and dream about.

How Persuasion Fits into Online Businesses
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