Have you noticed that newspapers, magazines, and large media companies often produce well researched and unique content on a regular basis? And while content marketers are able to find similar information, it’s a lot more common to use information from other websites because it’s easier.

Long before the Internet existed newspapers and magazines learnt how to work completely differently to produce great content. How do that do this? Let’s look at some of the ways they do this, as this information will enable you to expand your content creation thought process.

Utilizing Experts

If you think about how journalists work. They have an idea for an article and just like you there initial research is most likely carried out online, however they then call up experts to get their opinions on the topic. If they are writing an article related to “content marketing” they will call on the best content marketing professionals they know to ask about the details of the topic they are covering.

When employing this method of writing content you will be surprised at how helpful people actually are, they will give you free advice and opinions and all you have to do is ask. Just consider how this could make your content stand out and really engage your audience.

Books and Offline Publications

Books, journals, research papers, white papers, official studies or academic papers, as well as well written and researched books are other great sources of information. You can get a much more in-depth information about subjects simply by looking up books and studies written by the experts in the field. Once again this gives you a different perspective that you won’t get from simply browsing websites.

You should go to your local library and do some research, you will be surprised at the type of content you will find and how useful this information is. Although I must be honest and say that I tend to buy and read a lot of books on my Kindle, but that’s me, do whatever works best for you.

Your Audience

Your audience are also an invaluable source of great information, although you shouldn’t expect the best technical information, there are however many topics your audience could contribute to. Asking open ended questions that directly affect them is a good place to start. Some examples might be petrol prices, mortgage rates or even issues facing small businesses.

This gives your content real engagement power and it’s something you won’t get by simply searching Google. You won’t find answers as comprehensive and as rich and diverse as the ones given by your audience and let’s face it, you’re creating content for your audience so what content could resonate more.

As you can see, newspapers and magazine writers have a lot of different sources of information when compared to most content marketing writers. Granted, these research methods require more effort and time. But it will be time well spent especially if you create content that is impactful and insightful and really generates results.

How Large Media Companies Create Content
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