Feeling stuck for inspiration for your content creation? High quality ideas abound, if you know where to look and what tactics to try. Here are some suggestions on where to get even more brilliant ideas your target audience will love.


Sit down and write a list of all the things you want to write about. Add the “gaps” you see at your site, things you know you should have content about but have not yet created it. You should have plenty on your to-do list after this.

Brainstorm with Colleagues

Ask your colleagues for ideas. Ask them if they would also take responsibility for producing the content. It can be video, audio, an infographic, and so on – whatever they are good at and love doing.

Check Out Your Competition

What have they written about recently? In what ways is their information incomplete? Or do you have a whole new take on the topic based on your personal experience? There’s no need to mention their site if you don’t want to, but do weigh in if the topics are important ones for your niche audience.

Try Content Curation

Think of this as “the best of the web” for your niche, with you as editor picking the most informative content related to your niche and re-publishing it with some appropriate commentary that puts the information into context. For example, if company X announces their latest research, tell your readers why this is a major breakthrough.


BuzzSumo.com lists the latest trending stories across the top social media sites in terms of how many shares it got, links, and so on. Either curate the top content, or produce your own on a similar topic.

Interview an Expert

Experts will always bring a different perspective which can stimulate your own ideas. Prepare your questions ahead of time and be sure you have permission to publish the interview on your site.

Ask Your Audience

Not sure what to write about? Ask your audience for questions and suggestions. Create polls on Facebook and surveys on SurveyMonkey. Offer spot prizes to encourage participation.

8. Write Reviews

These should be honest and not catty, so they are of real value to your niche audience.

Case Studies

Write about your real-life experiences and how you learned what to do, and what NOT to do, during your time working in your niche or industry.

Accept Guest Bloggers

It’s always good to get different perspectives, so be open to the suggestions of anyone who offers to guest blog for you. If you are using WordPress, set up their account role as a Contributor or Author and edit/moderate the content as needed.

Trends and Alerts

Check out Twitter and other top social media sites to see what is trending, and how you might possibly be able to link your company, products or services to it. Set Google Alerts for important keywords in your niche and use what they send for curation, or inspiration.

Tell Your Business and Personal Story

How did you get started? What inspired you? These days, customers like to feel they are dealing with real people, not robots. Don’t be afraid to discuss what motivates you as well, such as animal rescue or running a digital company because green issues are important to you.

Let Your Customers Tell Their Stories

Let customers create content based on:

  • A brief biography
  • What problem they had
  • Which of your products they purchased that helped solve the problem

They don’t even have to be good writers to do this. Just ask them to submit a brief video showing them using the product.

Choose from these ideas next time you are lacking inspiration for your content creation.

Finding High Quality Ideas That Fuel Your Content Creation
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