Content Marketing Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Content marketing takes on so many different shapes and forms, however when business consider content marketing for the first time they automatically think of the amount of content they can create themselves and base their marketing on this. Almost no one considers joint ventures and partnerships as a way to increase the amount and type of content produced, but they can be extremely effective.

Joint ventures are short partnerships generally entered into to work on a small project together such as co-writing a book, eBook, or hosting a podcast together. Even joining together to blog about topics together can be a type of joint venture if you both agree to promote each other.

You can also build trust with your audience as well as expanding your audience with joint ventures and partnerships. By joining with someone else who is well known you will automatically be seen as more well-known and trusted, than you actually are. And even if you are both known and trusted, you will automatically double the awareness of your business. Double the awareness can equal double the trust. The combined years of experience will add up to more trust from your audience and a much bigger audience, since you each get access to each other’s audience.

Test the Water First

Start small with a short-term joint venture to get your feet wet. Try co-writing a short eBook to publish on Kindle, or create a free PDF report to give away to people who sign up for your newsletter. Then move toward working on a longer term project together after you know that you work well together. A joint venture or partnership can be between two or more people. You can meet people to joint venture with by joining mastermind groups online and at in-person events.

Content Marketing Joint Ventures and PartnershipsNot All Joint Ventures are Equal

It’s worth pointing out that not all joint ventures are equal and sometimes to secure the help of a well-known company or personality you will have to do most if not all of the work, the benefits however can still make this an extremely attractive and profitable joint venture.

Let’s assume you have written a great ebook which helps your target audience solve one of their problems, you could form a joint venture with someone that has a large client base and simply suggest you co-brand the ebook and allow this company to give it away to their clients and audience.

Guest Blog and Cross Blog

When you joint venture with someone you can combine forces to create even more interesting content to market your business. For example, people who joint ventures together can agree to post guest blog posts on each other’s blogs, and to send out information about each other’s products and services in their various newsletters. This will help you (and them) get known by a new audience.

Create More Content

Interview each other in writing, video, and audio. Use the content to promote your business and your partner’s business. By working with other people it’s almost like duplicating yourself. The efforts you make together will pay off for a long time to come.

You’ll expand your audience, boost your expert status, and as you do that the trust your audience feels for you will grow. As your audience trusts you more, they’ll be more likely to spend money with you, as well as take your advice on products and services they should use.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to just one joint venture partnership, but don’t put too much on your plate at a time. Make each joint venture limited in time and scope so that you can move on to other joint ventures. The more partnerships that you participate in, the larger your audience will grow. The best people to joint venture with are those who market to your target audience but who aren’t really direct competition.

Content Marketing Joint Ventures and Partnerships
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