Creating online content for your content marketing campaigns can be done in a very factual and impersonal way, almost as if you are writing a science paper. But if you can add in some personality and pack in a little one – two emotional punch, your content will start to get people to pay attention. Getting your audience to react to your content should be the aim of every content marketer because let’s face it that’s why we create all this content.

Creating emotional content will help you do three important things.

It Makes People Remember You

You audience doesn’t just visit your website, they visit perhaps hundreds of them, and with more and more websites added to the Internet daily each one is fighting for attention. Yet most websites fail to engage their visitors let alone hook them emotionally.

How many times have you come across content that made you feel touched, angry or got you laughing about something silly? How about content that makes you feel like they are talking directly to you?

If you nodding your head yes, then you know that these types of sites are out there and really popular. And chances are you remember them, and go back to them often. This is why funny or touching baby or animal videos and pictures on Facebook get passed around so much. They make users feel something and that something will be remembered.

Generate More Links

Contents that elicit emotions in your audience tends to get linked to a lot more than content that doesn’t. Instinctively, people want to endorse or share something that gets them emotionally stirred up.

It will get retweeted and favored more often, shared and commented on more on Facebook and all of the social media platforms. In other words, there is a greater chance of having it shared and passed around, and it might even stay online for a longer period of time.

Develop Stronger Relationships

Finally, you may be able to builder stronger relationships with your audience using emotional based content. When your audience feel that they know you and that they can relate to you and your content, your content will not be just another objective website online.

Doing this will result in your audience coming back more often, it will create a livelier community around your business and blog, producing more loyal audience, customers and buyers.

In addition, you will generate much more opportunities, other people who want to partner with you. If they can feel that you’re passionate about what you’re doing or that you have your way of moving an audience, they will be much more likely to invite you to do a webinar for their audience or speak at their events.

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