There are lots of ways to use video within your content marketing campaigns, there are lots more than I shall mention here, however these are some great ideas you can use when starting out using video for marketing your business. Let’s go over these ideas to help you figure out how you can fit them into your marketing mix.

On Landing Pages

The inclusion of videos on landing pages have been shown to increase conversions by more than 80 percent. It’s imperative that a video on a landing page covers enough information to give your viewers the same information that would be on a written sales page. Use trigger words, words on the screen, a talking head, products and more to get your point across.

On LinkedIn

A great way to use a video to help your audience get to know you better is to put an introductory video on LinkedIn. This is a great way to tell people who you are and what you do. Give them a little insight into your world and yourself during the introduction.

In Newsletters

If you send out digital newsletters to your audience, the next level is to attach a video to it. This will encourage your audience to learn more, watch the video, and get excited about your offerings.

On Social Media

Sharing videos on social media is a great way to get more views and to offer your audience something new and often different. Quick, short, to-the-point videos are an awesome way to encourage more engagement.

To Explain a Hard Concept

Video is a great way to explain concepts to your audience that are hard to explain in writing. If you really want to impress your audience, make an explainer video or a demonstration video, to show best what you want to teach your audience.

Demonstrate Your Skills

If you really want to take videos to the next level, use them to show your skills. You can record yourself doing something that you know how to do, speed it up, add some music, and your audience will be in awe.

Show Off Your New Products

When you have new products or services to announce, make a video all about them. It’s a better way to explain how things work. And if you are creative enough, it won’t matter if it’s a product or a service; you can explain it with video.

Let Your Audience In

People love seeing videos about a “day in the life” of the experts they like to watch. If you can let your audience in behind the scenes of what you do, using video, they’ll feel even closer to you than before. Thus, their trust will grow, and so will their willingness to buy what you’re offering.

Using these ways to market with video will increase your audience engagement and will truly open up a whole new world to you, in the video marketing realm. Video marketing is a highly effective form of online marketing that any business can use and should use.

Eight Ways to Use Video Marketing
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